Welcome to the Sapience web site.

This provides access to the Sapience Knowledge Base; my Blog: From the Ground and other pages.

I first created the Sapience Knowledge Base in about 2003, posted the first version to the Web in 2004, and reorganized it in 2007, with fairly regular updates for the next few years. In February 2014, I lost access to the working copy of the site and decided to reconstruct it from scratch. I left old version on the web unchanged while I worked on the new edition. The current version was published in July 2014 and has been updated several times.

I have maintained one blog or another since 2004, but many of my comments have been intermittent and not very interesting. I decided to go with WordPress software, since many of the blogs and sites I visit use it sucessfully, and try to make it more interesting.

I have tried a couple of time to set up a bulletin board called the Independent Learning Forum, but participation died off and it was being overwhelmed with spam.

Other stuff, to be added, may include: experiments with software development related to the Sapience web site links to Family history, and Science Fiction role playing.

I will also include announcements of updates and contact information.

Created 11 July 2014, last update 12 Nov 2016