Knowledge Base Progress #28

For the sake of variety, I decided to try a variant of the bottom up approach. physics, chemistry, astronomy, and earth science are still being connected to areas of culture and anthropology  while biology is being connected to the human body.  The human body is almost fully connected to culture, psychology is being connected to details of anthropology, and biography is being connected to psychology and the human body.  Social foundations, demography, physical anthropology, and human ecology are being connected to science.  I finally managed to get the a page about the application of sociology separated out from human ecology and one from human geography.  I have done a little work on the history of particular groups and the history of material culture and conceptual culture, also the histories of families. Education, economics, and government are being connected to nations. Religion has a few more connections to details of government.

An attempt at a review of the history of science shows me that, while I am making some progress at reviewing the history of the world in the 18th century, I don’t yet have enough detail on the particular sciences to make much progress here.


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