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I have taken a long break from the Sapience Knowledge Base, and I think I’m about ready to resume work on it.

I keep attempting to work on prehistory and antiquity, but as I work through the various countries that are connected, these usually force my attention back to early modern history.  So far the United States is in the lead. Colonial history in the 17th century is a particular and personal interest.  I am not so much interested in China, but as the largest nation in the world, and one that will be important in earlier history, it’s necessary to work on it. My outline has finally reached the end of the Ming dynasty.  India and Pakistan go together, and I’ve reached the beginning of the 18th century when the Mughal empire was at its height.  I have Iran to the beginning of the 19th century, which gives me a little more in the Middle East.

In connection with the renewed emphasis on the top-down approach, I have added corresponding stubs for history and sociology to my demonstration program.

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