Better Light

There is a joke about a guy who was staring at a parking lot at night. A passerby saw him and asked what happened. “I’m looking for my car keys!” After a few minutes, the passerby said “I don’t see them, either. Are you sure this is where you dropped them”. “No”, came the reply “I think it was over there”.
The passerby asked “Why are you looking here, then?”. The driver said “Because the light is better here”.

I have sort of that same impression when I’m working on the knowledge base. Although I would like to focus more intensely on the Middle East for prehistory and antiquity, other areas have become better developed and more populous, and am using modern population size as a guide. Although I want to outline the process of discovery, I need to get the divisions of the 19th century connected back to antiquity and prehistory.

I checked with the BYU Independent Study office, and it seems that I didn’t earn enough on-campus credits my Freshman year to qualify for their program. However, I may be able to qualify for the BYU-Idaho program.
The admissions process is similar and there is a program that seems that it will meet my needs, so I’ve switched my efforts. Part of the process is updating my records; another part is collecting transcripts of the other work I’ve done. That should take me a few more days.

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