New Resolution

I saw some advice on a writer’s blog that makes good sense to me: It’s important to establish a continuous program of regular entries. Whether that is daily, weekly, or monthly doesn’t matter so much as whether it is regular. I don’t have enough going in in my slow, methodical cross-connection of topics to sustain a daily feed of interesting topics. What I can do is a weekly update. I also ought to update the on-line version of the Knowledge Base itself, but I don’t know if I can keep this up on a weekly basis. Bi-weekly is more likely.
So, I started to work on the lower end, with science, and realized that the reasons I had switched to a higher end, and then to a balanced approach, were still valid. In the process of working on science, I realized that I still needed work on the personal studies section, and while working on that, I still needed work on Anthropology. Culture has been well connected to lower levels, so that is not so urgent.
For Anthropology, I have been working on connections with religion, government, economics, and education, and have also begun improvement on the connections with areas of culture. This seems to be mostly preliminary; I will feel like it is real progress when I get to the connections with personal studies and science.
Personal studies are a little further behind, with connections to the institutions.
Science in general is having connections to religion and government. This is where it starts getting cyclical, because my review of the history of science is getting to classical and medieval history. This also depends more heavily on peoples, particularly on Western Civilization, which is not quite completely developed. I have been taking Institutions through full connection of peoples of the world before going into either connections with culture, or the details of religion, government, economics, and so on. I still have more things to connect.

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