Update, and Virtual Touring

I have published an update to the SKB. Six months is too long to go between updates, but I could always have put it off some more.

I’ve started recording what I’ve been working on as I in the form of “Virtual Tours”. Often as I work through the connections, I will find one, or re-encounter one, that is especially interesting. Then I go on to the next one, and by the end of the day, I’ve forgotten all the little tidbits. By keeping a record of what I’ve gong through, I can boil down my notes and just present what I’ve found that’s interesting. I’m taking the opportunity to correct a long-standing imbalance in social changes and movements. Generally, stone age developments came first and the industrial revolution last, but depending on which end of history I’ve been concentrating on, sometimes I have emphasized one and sometimes the other, which makes things messy. So, I’m cleaning up, and also taking the opportunity to connect them to details of institutions and culture, which are very badly needed.
I have run across the connection of Christianity in general to education, and early Christianity and Roman Catholicism to government. Although both of these are worth pursuing, for now I merely make note and set them aside.

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