January 2013

Introductory material

  • 2013 Week 1
  • 2013 Week 2
  • 2013 Week 3
  • 2013 Week 4
  • 2013 Week 5

2013 Week 1

This includes events of Tuesday Jan 1, 2013 through Saturday, Jan 5, 2013

2013 Week 2

This includes events of Sunday Jan 6, 2013 through Saturday, Jan 12, 2013

2013 Week 3

This includes events of Tuesday Jan 13, 2013 through Saturday, Jan 19, 2013

2013 Week 4

This includes events of Tuesday Jan 20, 2013 through Saturday, Jan 26, 2013

2013 Week 5

This includes events of Tuesday Jan 27, 2013 through Friday, Jan 31, 2013

Other history including prehistory, antiquity, and classical and medieval history can be connected.

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Other modern history including the 16th century, 17th century, 18th century, and 19th century can be connected.

Other periods of the 20th century including the early 20th century, early mid 20th century, mid 20th century, late mid 20th century, and late 20th century can be connected.

Other periods of the early 21st century including 2011 and 2012 can be connected.

Other periods of 2013 including the other periods of the first quarter 2013 can be connected. The second quarter 2013 can be connected. April 2013 including 2013 week 14, 2013 week 15, 2013 week 16, and 2013 week 17 can be connected. May 2013 and June 2013 can be connected. The third quarter 2013 and fourth quarter 2013 can be connected.

2014 can be connected. 2015 can be connected. 2016 can be connected.

The future can be connected.

Sociology including social structure and change can be connected. Peoples of the world including nations and major groups of Western civilization, Asiatic peoples, African peoples, and American Indian peoples can be connected. Nations such as China, India, Indonesia, Brazil, Pakistan, Nigeria, Russia, Bangladesh, Japan, Mexico, Philippines, Vietnam, Ethiopia, Egypt, Germany, Iran, Turkey, Congo DR, Thailand, France, United Kingdom, Italy, South Africa, South Korea, Burma, Colombia, Spain, Ukraine, Tanzania, Argentina, Kenya, Poland, Algeria, Canada, Iraq, Uganda, Morocco, Sudan, Peru can be connected. Western Civilization including the United States can be connected. American Indian peoples such as those of the United States can be connected.

Communities such as Tokyo, Seoul, Mexico City, New York City, Mumbai, Jakarta, Sao Paulo, Delhi, Shanghai, Manila, Karachi, Cairo, Beijing, Osaka, Canton, Moscow, Los Angeles, Calcutta, Dacca, Buenos Aires, Istanbul, Rio de Janeiro, Shenzhen, Lagos, Paris can be connected. Social structure and change including social change, social types, and social structure can be connected.

Institutions including government, economics, education, and family can be connected. Religion including particular religions, religious organization, religious practice, and religious belief can be connected.

Culture including behavioral culture, conceptual culture, and material culture can be connected.

Anthropology including particular groups, human geography, human ecology, physical anthropology, demography, and social foundations can be connected.

Personal studies and science will be connected as the site develops.

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