2013 Week 25

This includes events from Sunday, June 16, 2013 through Saturday, June 22, 2013.

There are numerous uncategorized events in western Civilization, among Anglic peoples, and among Latin peoples, in particular Lusitanic peoples, and among Northeast European peoples. There were numerous events among Middle Eastern peoples including Egypt and Persian peoples. Floods in North India were particularly prominent, and there were various events in Pakistan. Oriental peoples have various events, and there were some in China. Southeast Asian peoples, Southeast Asian Island peoples, and forest fires in Indonesia are considered. There ere various events among African peoples, Eastern African and Western African peoples.



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Other history

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Peoples of the world, communities, and social structure and change can be connected.

Peoples of the world

Nations and major groups of Western Civilization, Asiatic peoples, African peoples, and American Indian peoples can be connected.

Nations such as France, United Kingdom, Italy, South Africa, South Korea, Burma, Colombia, Spain, Ukraine, Tanzania, Argentina, Kenya, Poland, Algeria, Canada, Iraq, Uganda, Morocco, Sudan, Peru, Uzbekistan, Malaysia, Venezuela, Saudi Arabia, Nepal, Yemen, Afghanistan, Ghana, North Korea, Mozambique, Taiwan, Australia, Syria, Côte d'Ivoire, Madagascar, Sri Lanka, Angola, Cameroon, Romania, Chile, Netherlands, Kazakhstan, Niger, Burkina Faso can be connected.

Western Civilization including Germany can be connected.

June 17, 2013 Talks between the foreign ministers of Britain and Ecuador end with no breakthrough over WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange, who remains in the country's London embassy. (Reuters via News24)

June 17, 2013 A court in the Netherlands finds a 50-year-old man and six teenagers guilty of kicking a volunteer linesman to death in Almere in December 2012. (BBC)

June 18, 2013 A Greek court decrees that ERT can resume transmission, following a truncation of broadcast due to direct order from Antonis Samaras. (BBC)

June 18, 2013 98-year-old László Csatáry is charged in Hungary and Slovakia with participation in Nazi war crimes. (BBC)

June 21, 2013 Riga Castle fire: Latvian authorities say the overnight fire has extensively damaged Riga Castle, the medieval fortress that houses the Baltic nation's National History Museum, and presidental residence. (EuroNews) Latvian President Andris Berzinš describes the fire as a "national disaster" during a morning visit to inspect the damage. (Russia Today)

June 22, 2013 In car racing, Tom Kristensen, Allan McNish, and Loïc Duval in an Audi win the 2013 24 Hours of Le Mans, while Danish driver Allan Simonsen dies from injuries suffered when his car leaves the track at high speed and crashes. (The Guardian) (Speed Channel)

Anglic peoples such as those of the United States can be connected.

June 16, 2013 Four men, including a police officer, are stabbed at a mosque in Birmingham, England. (AFP via News24)

June 16, 2013 U.S. President Barack Obama chooses a Washington, D.C. lawyer, Clifford Sloan, with experience in all three branches of government to be the U.S. State Department's Special Envoy for closing the military-run prison at the Guantanamo Bay Naval Base. (NBC)

June 16, 2013 The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission says Australians lost over AU$93 million to online scams in 2012. (Herald Sun)

June 17, 2013 The U.S. Supreme Court strikes down a law of the state of Arizona requiring that voters in federal elections show proof of citizenship, upholding the National Voter Registration Act of 1993. (Reuters)(PBS)

June 17, 2013 Former BBC broadcaster Stuart Hall is sentenced to 15 months in jail for sexually abusing girls. (BBC) (The Guardian)

June 17, 2013 Michael Applebaum, mayor of Montreal, Quebec is arrested on charges of fraud and abuse of public office. (AP)

June 17, 2013 Confidence in President Barack Obama drops below 50%, its lowest level in 19 months as Americans worry over broad government surveillance and other controversies. (AFP via News24)

June 18, 2013 American journalist Michael Hastings dies in a car crash at age 33. (USA Today)

June 18, 2013 U.S. government surveillance programs (including PRISM): Several Federal officials, including National Security Agency (NSA) Director Keith Alexander, testify at a hearing held by the U.S. House Intelligence Committee over government surveillance programs whose existence was leaked earlier this month. (CNN) The NSA states its surveillance efforts have stopped more than 50 terror plots. (Fox News)

June 18, 2013 Montreal mayor Michael Applebaum resigns following fraud and corruption charges; he had replaced Gérald Tremblay who resigned because of similar allegations. (CBC)

June 18, 2013 Australian Football League player Stephen Milne of the St Kilda Football Club is charged with four counts of rape dating from 2004. (Sydney Morning Herald)

June 19, 2013 Nigel Evans, Deputy Speaker of the UK House of Commons, is arrested on suspicion of three counts of indecent assault. (BBC)

June 20, 2013 Two people have died in an explosion at a fireworks warehouse in Coteau-du-Lac, Quebec, Canada. (CBC)

June 20, 2013 New Zealand's South Island is lashed by wild weather. Dunedin and Christchurch have roads cut off and flights cancelled as conditions worsen. Heavy snow and flooding is reported in parts of Canterbury, Otago and Southland. (Stuff NZ)

June 20, 2013 In basketball, the Miami Heat defeat the San Antonio Spurs to win the NBA Finals 4–3, successfully defending their title from last season. Season MVP LeBron James is named Finals MVP for the second straight year. (AP via ESPN)

June 20, 2013 In football, Abby Wambach of the USA breaks the international record for career goals by scoring four goals against South Korea in a friendly match played in Harrison, New Jersey. Wambach's career total stands at 160, passing the 158 of fellow American Mia Hamm. (AP via Yahoo News Canada)

June 20, 2013 The Dow Jones Industrial Average and S&P 500 record their worst day of 2013, with the Dow Jones dropping 353 points (2.3 percent) and S&P 500 dropping 2.5 percent. (CNNMoney)

June 21, 2013 A gunman opens fire at a law firm and a Walmart in Greenville, North Carolina, U.S., injuring four people. The gunman is later shot by the police and brought into custody after being wounded. (USA Today) (CBS News)

June 21, 2013 Edward Snowden is charged by the United States with espionage. (The Washington Post)

June 21, 2013 75,000 people are evacuated from their homes during flooding in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. (CNN)

June 22, 2013 A petition about pardoning former U.S. National Security Agency contractor Edward Snowden reaches 100,000 signatures. (The Daily Dot)

June 22, 2013 U.S. president Barack Obama is accused of anti-Catholicism at home and in Northern Ireland for his remarks on Protestant and Catholic segregation of schools while visiting for the G8 summit earlier this week. (Irish Central)

June 22, 2013 100,000 residents are displaced on the third day of flooding in Alberta. (CBC)

June 22, 2013 The worst flooding in 20 years affects the Canterbury Region of New Zealand, with the towns of Leeston and Lyttelton amongst the worst affected. (3 News)

June 22, 2013 Two die in a plane crash in Dayton, Ohio. (whiotv.com)

Latin peoples such as those of Mexico can be connected.

June 16, 2013 Colombian police rescue two kidnapped Spanish tourists. (AFP via Google)

June 16, 2013 A 5.8-magnitude earthquake in southwestern Mexico causes power outages in Mexico City. (CNN) (Reuters)

June 18, 2013 The Eiffel Tower is evacuated for two hours after a man threatens to throw himself off, in the latest of a string of suicide bids from the Paris landmark. (AFP via News24)

June 19, 2013 An Italian court rejects an appeal by former Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi against his conviction for tax fraud. (The Telegraph)

June 19, 2013 An Italian court convicts fashion designers Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana of tax evasion, giving them suspended sentences and heavy fines. (Reuters via The Globe and Mail)

June 19, 2013 Flash flooding in southwest France claims two victims and causes the shrine at Lourdes to be closed. (AFP via Channel News Asia)

June 20, 2013 Argentinian football star Lionel Messi and his father are summoned to appear before a Spanish court on tax charges in September. (News Limited)

June 22, 2013 100,000 workers and unemployed march against record unemployment in Rome, the first major demonstration since Enrico Letta's government took power earlier this year. (Al Jazeera)

Lusitanic peoples such as those of Brazil can be connected.

June 17, 2013 Brazilians go to the streets in São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro and other cities to claim against the rise of the public transport fee, being part of the 2013 protests in Brazil.(News Day), (BBC)

June 18, 2013 As many as 200,000 people march through Brazil's cities, with protestors having scaled the National Congress in Brasilia. (BBC)

Northeast European peoples including those of Russia can be connected.

June 16, 2013 The prime minister of the Czech Republic, Petr Necas, announces his resignation. (Yahoo News)

June 17, 2013 The Prime Minister of the Czech Republic, Petr Necas, submits his resignation following a corruption scandal. (The New York Times)

June 18, 2013 Russia's Duma unanimously passes a law banning foreign same-sex couples from adopting Russian children. (Fox News)

June 18, 2013 Russian smugglers carrying 213 bear paws are arrested in China. (Global Times)

June 19, 2013 A man is killed and more than 6,000 people are evacuated following an explosion at an arms depot in the Samara Oblast in central Russia. (Sky News)

June 20, 2013 Riga Castle fire: A major fire breaks out at the Riga Castle, the Latvian presidential palace. (BBC)

Asiatic peoples such as those of Thailand can be connected.

Middle Eastern peoples such as those of Turkey can be connected.

June 16, 2013 A series of car bombings by insurgents across central and southern Iraq kill at least twenty people. (BBC)

June 16, 2013 Kuwait's Constitutional Court dissolves the nation's parliament and orders new elections. (BBC News)

June 18, 2013 Iraqi insurgency (post-U.S. withdrawal): Twin suicide bombings kill 31 and wound another 60 in al-Qahira, Baghdad. (BBC)

June 18, 2013 The G8 summit ends with the nations agreeing to a "7-point plan" for peace in Syria. (ABC Online)

June 20, 2013 Israeli–Palestinian conflict: The Committee on the Rights of the Child accuses Israeli soldiers of torturing Palestinian children and using them as human shields. (Reuters)

June 21, 2013 A Jewish Israeli man is shot dead near Jerusalem's Western Wall after a guard mistakes him for a Palestinian militant after hearing him shout "Allahu Akbar". (BBC)

June 22, 2013 2013 protests in Turkey: Police use water cannon, tear gas and rubber bullets on thousands of civilians gathered in Istanbul's Taksim Square for a memorial to the 4 protestors killed in previous days. (The Guardian)

June 22, 2013 Syrian Civil War: The Friends of Syria Group agrees to give urgent assistance to the rebels. (Reuters)

Egypt can be connected.

June 16, 2013 Egypt cuts diplomatic ties with Syria. (Bloomberg)

June 18, 2013 Ethiopia and Egypt meet to work out a disagreement over Ethiopia's diversion of the Nile River to build the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam. (VOA)

Persian peoples such as those of Iran can be connected.

June 18, 2013 War in Afghanistan (2001–present): A bomb explodes in the Afghan capital of Kabul killing three people and wounding six. (BBC) Four United States troops are killed near Bagram Airfield. (AP via News 9)

South Asian peoples such as those of Bangladesh can be connected.

India can be connected.

June 16, 2013 Three policemen are arrested on charges of arms smuggling in Hamirpur, India. (Indian Express)

June 16, 2013 Heavy rains in Uttarakhand, India result in wide-spread flooding, landslides, and at least 3 deaths. (Indian Express)

June 18, 2013 2013 North India floods: The death toll from several days of heavy rain, flooding, and landslides in Uttarakhand, Uttar Pradesh, and Himachal Pradesh, hits 99. (Times of India) More than 73,000 religious pilgrims and 1,700 tourists are stranded. (Times of India)

June 19, 2013 The Indian Army is deployed to help rescue people in the flood-hit northern states of Uttarakhand and Himachal Pradesh, where the number of confirmed deaths has reached 130. (BBC)

June 20, 2013 2013 North India floods: Bad weather hampers rescue efforts in Uttarakhand state where nearly 150 people have died. (BBC News)

June 21, 2013 A three-story building collapses in the Indian town of Mumbra in Maharashtra state, with at least two deaths and many people reported trapped. (IBN Live), (Hindustan Times)

June 21, 2013 2013 North India floods: Nearly 14,000 people are believed to be missing in Uttarakhand state, with another 60,000 stranded and 150 killed. (NDTV)

Pakistan can be connected.

June 16, 2013 Gunmen kill two polio vaccinators in northwest Pakistan. (The Guardian)

June 16, 2013 The Quaid-e-Azam Residency, a heritage site in Ziarat, Pakistan, is badly damaged in an attack by Assailants, killing a police officer.(CNN)

June 18, 2013 War in North-West Pakistan: A suicide blast kills 27 and wounds over 30 others at a funeral in Sher Garh, Mardan, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan. (Al Jazeera)

June 21, 2013 A suicide bomber kills 15 and injures 20 in a Shi'ite mosque in the northwestern Pakistani city of Peshawar. (Bangkok Post)

Oriental peoples such as those of Japan can be connected.

June 21, 2013 Taiwan reports the first human case of the H6N1 virus. (Focus Taiwan)

June 22, 2013 Mount Fuji is named a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. (The Japan Times)

June 22, 2013 2013 Korean crisis: Anonymous claims that it managed to steal military documents from North Korea. The documents are due to be released on 25 June, the anniversary of the start of the Korean War. (The Diplomat)

China can be connected.

June 21, 2013 The People's Bank of China intervenes to alleviate a cash crunch as it continues to act to reduce over-leveraging in the People's Republic of China. (Financial Times)

Southeast Asian and Oceanic peoples such as those of Vietnam can be connected.

Southeast Asian Island peoples including those of the Philippines can be connected.

Indonesia can be connected.

June 20, 2013 2013 Southeast Asian haze: Haze from Indonesian forest fires in Sumatra increase air pollution in Singapore and Malaysia to hazardous levels. (AP)

African peoples such as those of Congo DR can be connected.

June 16, 2013 Robert Mugabe, president of Zimbabwe, agrees to delay elections amidst pressure from regional leaders. (Financial Times)

June 18, 2013 Armed conflicts and attacks Several Mozambican soldiers are killed following an attack on an armoury in Dondo, Mozambique. (BBC)

Eastern African peoples such as those of Ethiopia can be connected.

June 19, 2013 War in Somalia: An al-Shabaab-led assault on the UNDP base in Mogadishu leaves 22 dead, including militants, security personnel, and civilians. (Reuters)

West African peoples such as those of Nigeria can be connected.

June 18, 2013 The Malian government announces it has reached an agreement with the National Movement for the Liberation of Azawad that allows the Malian Army to return to Kidal in anticipation of upcoming elections. (Al Jazeera), (AP via Washington Post)

June 18, 2013 Nigerian Sharia conflict: Seven students and two teachers are killed in a suspected Boko Haram attack on a secondary school in Damaturu, Nigeria. (allAfrica)

June 18, 2013 The Malian government and Tuareg rebels sign a ceasefire agreement. (Xinhua)

June 18, 2013 President of Nigeria Goodluck Jonathan announces a N3 billion fund to "intervene" in Nollywood. (allAfrica)

June 19, 2013 Nigerian Sharia conflict: Boko Haram gunmen kill nine children in an attack on a school in Maiduguri. (BBC)

June 19, 2013 Armed bandits and robbers riding motorbikes kill 48 people in Nigeria's Zamfara State. (BBC), (Ventura County Star)

American Indian peoples such as those of Mexico can be connected. Middle American Indian peoples such as those of the southwestern United States can be connected. South American Indian peoples such as those of Brazil can be connected. North American Indian peoples such as those of the United States can be connected.

Communities such as Tokyo, Seoul, Mexico City, New York City, Mumbai, Jakarta, Sao Paulo, Delhi, Shanghai, Manila, Karachi, Cairo, Beijing, Osaka, Canton, Moscow, Los Angeles, Calcutta, Dacca, Buenos Aires, Istanbul, Rio de Janeiro, Shenzhen, Lagos can be connected.

Social structure and change including social change, social types, and social structure can be connected.

Institutions including religion, government, economics, education, and family can be connected.

June 16, 2013 Weyerhaeuser agrees to buy Longview Timber for US$2.65 billion. (Seattle Times)

June 18, 2013 Boeing launches the biggest version of its Dreamliner plane, the 787-10, at the Paris Air Show with over 100 orders worth about US$30 billion. (AFP vis News24)

June 17, 2013 The 39th G8 summit gets underway in Northern Ireland with the Syrian civil war high on the agenda. (BBC)

June 17, 2013 Turkey, South Africa and Russia react angrily to the British government and demand an explanation for the revelations that their politicians and senior officials were spied on and bugged during the 2009 G20 summit in London (The Guardian)

June 18, 2013 The Indian Rupee falls to a new record low against the US dollar. (Business Standard)

June 18, 2013 Chrysler agrees to recall 1.56 million Jeeps in the United States. (USA Today)

June 16, 2013 Google announces a new system aimed at removing child pornography from the internet. (CNET)

Religion including particular religions, religious organization, religious practice, and religious belief can be connected.

June 16, 2013 Pope Francis blesses thousands of Harley Davidson motorcycle enthusiasts on the company's 110th anniversary. (The Australian)

Culture including behavioral culture, conceptual culture, and material culture can be connected.

June 16, 2013 Man of Steel sets an all-time June record by grossing an estimated US$113 million in its opening weekend in the United States and Canada. (Reuters)

June 16, 2013 In golf, Justin Rose of England wins the 2013 U.S. Open. (ABC Online)

June 16, 2013 In motorsport, Greg Biffle wins the Quicken Loans 400 earning Ford its 1000th NASCAR victory. (AP via ESPN)

June 16, 2013 In tennis, Roger Federer wins the Gerry Weber Open for his 77th career victory and first in 10 months. (CNN International)

June 18, 2013 Huawei unveils the world's slimmest smartphone, the Ascend P6. (BBC)

June 18, 2013 Tianhe-2 is named the world's fastest supercomputer per the TOP500. (China Daily)

June 18, 2013 Iran, South Korea and Australia qualify for the 2014 FIFA World Cup. (BBC Sport)

June 18, 2013 In tennis, five-time Wimbledon champion Venus Williams announces she will skip the 2013 event. (ESPN)

June 19, 2013 American actor James Gandolfini, best known for portraying Tony Soprano in The Sopranos, dies of a heart attack at the age of 51. (ABC News)

June 19, 2013 After receiving negative feedback, Microsoft decides to change many features of its upcoming Xbox One. (Xbox Wire) Alaska has a record breaking heat wave.(NBC)

June 20, 2013 Alexander Georgiev wins the 2013 Draughts World Championship.

June 20, 2013 Instagram announces that users will be able to upload videos to the service.(ABC News)

Anthropology including particular groups, human geography, human ecology, physical anthropology, demography, and social foundations can be connected.

June 20, 2013 2013 Atlantic hurricane season: Tropical Storm Barry is due to make landfall in the Mexican state of Veracruz bringing heavy rain and the risk of flooding. (AccuWeather)

Personal studies including biography, psychology, and the human body can be connected.

Science including astronomy, biology, earth science, chemistry, and physics can be connected.

June 18, 2013 New data suggests that as many as 280 previously unknown craters exist on The Moon. (International Business Times)

June 18, 2013 A news study finds that chickens possess numeracy skills and self-control. (Herald Sun)

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