2016 Week 16

This includes events from Sunday April 10, 2016 through Saturday April 16, 2016.


Events among Anglic and specifically Anglo-American peoples are too numerous to be analyzed at present. Events among Latin peoples are also numerous. Specifically in Hispanic peoples, there was a massive earthquake in Ecuador. Pre-impeachment proceedings against Dilma Rousseff of Brazil continued. Events among Germanic peoples included further aftermath of the March bombings in Belgium. Events among Northeast European peoples are not yet well analyzed.

Middle Eastern peoples have numerous unanalyzed events. Egypt had only one reported incident. Events among Persian peoples principally reported the war in Afghanistan. Events in India and Pakistan are so far unconnected to others. Events among Mainland Southeast Asnan and Southeast Asian Island peoples are so far not well analyzed. African peoples including East African, West African, and Central African peoples are not yet well analyzed.

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Other periods of the 20th century including the early 20th century, early mid 20th century, and mid 20th century can be connected. The use of the Atom bomb in World War II was still remembered. The late mid 20th century including the early 1960s, late 1960s, early 1970s, and late 1970s can be connected. The late 20th century including the early 1980s, late 1980s, early 1990s, and late 1990s can be connected. USSR athletic drug use in the 1980s was mentioned. The Tiananmen Square massacre of 1989 was still remembered. A speech in Rwanda in 1992 and The status of Darfur in 1994 was mentioned.

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The early 2010s including 2011 can be connected. Ongoing conflict in Yemen is mentioned. 2012 including the first quarter 2012, second quarter 2012, third quarter 2012, and fourth quarter 2012 can be connected. 2013 including the first quarter 2013, second quarter 2013, third quarter 2013, and fourth quarter 2013 can be connected.2014 including the first quarter 2014, second quarter 2014, third quarter 2014, and fourth quarter 2014 can be connected. Various ongoing conflicts were mentioned in this period. The November 2014 terrorist attacks in Paris are mentioned.


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March 2016 including 2015 week 10, 2016 week 11, 2016 week 12, 2016 week 13, A terrorist bombing in Belgium is still remembered. 2016 week 14 can be connected.

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Sunday April 10, 2016 European migrant crisis Macedonian police fire tear gas at refugees as they attempted to break through a fence at the Greece-Macedonia border near Idomeni, sparking clashes that injured 200 people. (Al Jazeera)

Wednesday April 13, 2016 A number of people were injured in clashes between police and several thousand protestors in Skopje, Macedonia, with demonstrators breaking into President Gjorge Ivanov's offices. (RT)

Tuesday April 12, 2016 Reuters reports that it has seen a draft memorandum generated by the International Monetary Fund that describes the debt owed by Greece to its European partners as "highly unsustainable." (Reuters)

Anglic peoples including Anglo-American peoples can be connected. The United Kingdom can be connected.

Sunday April 10, 2016 Panama Papers British Prime Minister David Cameron releases his tax records in an effort to remove discussion about his personal wealth from the current political discourse. His initial reluctance to admit he had benefited from his late father's offshore Panama Papers holdings still seems to be affecting the upcoming European Union referendum. Unfortunately for the PM, the main Sunday newspapers in the U.K. tell of a gift of 200,000 pounds ($282,500) from his mother in 2011, suggesting it may have been a way of avoiding inheritance tax. (Reuters) Several thousand people protest in Valletta, Malta, demanding the resignation of Prime Minister Joseph Muscat because the leaked Panama Papers connect his Chief of Staff, Keith Schembri, and Health and Energy Minister, Konrad Mizzi, to offshore accounts. (Reuters)

Tuesday April 12, 2016 British researchers reveal that Lysergic acid diethylamide (LSD) may be useful in treating mental disorders such as major depressive disorder. (BBC)

Tuesday April 12, 2016 British cosmologist Stephen Hawking and Russian venture capitalist and physicist Yuri Milner announce " Breaktrough Starshot," a $100 million effort to plan a trip to the sun's closest stellar neighbor, Alpha Centauri, via developing nanotechnology that would put the craft within the star system roughly 20 years after leaving Earth. (UPI)

Anglo-American peoples such as those of United States can be connected.

Sunday April 10, 2016 Iran–United States relations The Foreign Minister of Iran Mohammad Javad Zarif says that the country's missile program would not be up for discussion. This comes as United States Secretary of State John Kerry said last Thursday that the United States and its allies would only address Iran's concerns in the region if it makes it clear to all involved that it was prepared to cease provocative ballistic missile launches and tests. (The Guardian)

Sunday April 10, 2016 Sport Masters Tournament In golf, Danny Willett of England wins the 2016 Masters Tournament at the Augusta National Golf Club. (The Telegraph)

Sunday April 10, 2016 NBA 2015-16 season The Golden State Warriors, with today's win at San Antonio, tie the 1995–96 Chicago Bulls NBA regular season record with their 72nd win this season. The Warriors can still break the record; on Wednesday, they host the Memphis Grizzlies in their final regular season game. (NBC News) (NBA)

Monday April 11, 2016 G7 foreign ministers meeting John Kerry, along with the other Group of Seven (G7) foreign ministers, laid wreaths at Japan's Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum to the victims of the 1945 U.S. nuclear attack. Kerry is the first Secretary of State to visit the memorial. Then-U.S. Speaker of the House of Representatives Nancy Pelosi was previously the highest-ranking U.S. official to visit the memorial, in 2008. The Hiroshima foreign ministers meeting is part of the preparations for the 42nd G7 summit the end of next month at Japan's Kashiko Island, Shima, Mie Prefecture. (Reuters) (Channel NewsAsia)

Monday April 11, 2016 Hundreds of arrests are reported in the U.S. capitol in response to the Democracy Spring protests. (CNN) (Democracy Spring)

Monday April 11, 2016 CIA Director John Brennan, in an exclusive interview to air on NBC News tonight, says the United States intelligence agency will not use harsh, enhanced interrogation techniques, including waterboarding, even if ordered by a future president. Presidential candidates Donald Trump and Ted Cruz have discussed using waterboarding if elected. (The Hill via MSN.com) (NBC News)

Tuesday April 12, 2016 United States presidential election, 2016 Paul Ryan, Speaker of the United States House of Representatives, rules out seeking or accepting the Republican Party nomination in 2016. (Fox News)

Tuesday April 12, 2016 North Carolina House Bill 2 North Carolina Governor Pat McCrory signs Executive Order 73 that addresses some, but not all, troublesome provisions in House Bill 2 that caused businesses, traveling recording stars, etc., to stay clear of the state. The order does expand the state's anti-discrimination employment policy to include LBGT protection, but reiterates that people use the marked facility consistent with "... their biological sex." The American Civil Liberties Union says the order, "... fall(s) far short of correcting the damage done ... (and that)... transgender people are still explicitly targeted by being forced to use the wrong restroom." Equality North Carolina says, "... the order doubles down on the Governor's support for some of the most problematic provisions of HB2." (NPR) (WSOC) (WNCN)

Wednesday April 13, 2016 Russia–United States relations, Cold War II Two unarmed Russian Air Force Sukhoi Su-24 jets flew simulated attacks on United States Navy destroyer USS Donald Cook in the Baltic Sea on Tuesday, according to a U.S. official, who described it as one of the most aggressive interactions in recent memory. A Russian Kamov Ka-27 naval helicopter also made seven passes around the USS Donald Cook, taking pictures of the warship. (Reuters)

Wednesday April 13, 2016 LGBT rights in the United States Louisiana Governor John Bel Edwards signs an anti-discrimination order protecting the rights of gay and transgender people that rescinds one his immediate predecessor, Bobby Jindal, signed that sought to limit same-sex marriage rights and the ability of transgender people to choose which public restrooms they may use. (Reuters via Huffington Post)

Thursday April 14, 2016 The U.S. company Microsoft has sued the United States, alleging that it has been prevented from disclosing warrants to the company’s customers in violation of the company’s constitutional rights. (NYT)

Thursday April 14, 2016 In basketball, the WNBA draft is held in Uncasville, Connecticut. The top pick is Connecticut's Breanna Stewart, followed by her college teammates Moriah Jefferson and Morgan Tuck. This marks the first time in any major North American sports draft that a single school produced the top three selections. (ESPN)

Monday April 11, 2016 2008 financial crisis Goldman Sachs agrees to pay $5.06 billion to settle allegations that it sold packages of shoddy mortgages prior to the global financial crisis.. The U.S. Justice Department settlement includes a $2.385 billion civil penalty, and $1.8 billion for distressed borrowers and communities affected by the housing crisis. (The Washington Post) (UPI)

Wednesday April 13, 2016 Peabody Energy, the largest privately-owned producer of coal in the world headquartered in St. Louis, Missouri, files for bankruptcy court protection due to high debts and a drop in world prices. (Reuters) (ABC News Australia)

Wednesday April 13, 2016 HealthZika virus outbreak (2015–present) The United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention confirms that the Zika virus causes birth defects like microcephaly. (Fox News)

Wednesday April 13, 2016 2015-16 NBA season In basketball, the 2015-16 Golden State Warriors team sets a new NBA record for regular season wins with 73 wins this season. The 1995-96 Chicago Bulls previously held the record with 72. (Washington Post) Kobe Bryant plays his last game in the NBA for the Los Angeles Lakers. He sets a new points record for a final match scoring 60 against the Utah Jazz. (Washington Post)

Friday April 15, 2016 Russia–United States relations John Kerry informs Russia that under the rules of engagement the plane that flew over the USS Donald Cook on April 13th could have been shot down. (AFP via MSN)

Friday April 15, 2016 The New York Post, a daily newspaper controlled by media magnate Rupert Murdoch, makes a u-turn and endorses Donald Trump for President of the United States. (Washington Post) (New York Post)

Friday April 15, 2016 Two firefighters are shot, one fatally and the other is in critical condition, during a welfare check in Temple Hills, Maryland. (AP)

Friday April 15, 2016 A Malayan tiger attacks and kills a 38-year-old American zookeeper at the Palm Beach Zoo in Florida. (Reuters)

Saturday April 16, 2016 The United States announces that it will transfer nine Yemeni detainees from the Guantanamo Bay detention camp to Saudi Arabia. (CNN) (AP)

Saturday April 16, 2016 Russia–United States relations, Cold War II A United States Air Force Boeing RC-135 reconnaissance aircraft was intercepted and threatened by a Russian Sukhoi Su-27 fighter jet in international airspace over the Baltic Sea on Thursday (April 14), according to the United States European Command (EUCOM). (Fox News)

Saturday April 16, 2016 The United States Army approves 22 soldiers requests to become the service's first female infantry and armor unit officers. Thirteen women will enter the armor branch, and nine others will enter infantry as second lieutenants. (UPI)

Saturday April 16, 2016 A helicopter crashes near Baltimore–Washington International Airport in Baltimore, Maryland. However, no fatalities are reported. (Reuters via Euronews)

Latin peoples including Hispanic and Lusitanic peoples can be connected. France can be connected. Cities such as Mexico City can be connected.

Monday April 11, 2016 European migrant crisis The Italian Coast Guard rescues 1,850 in the Strait of Sicily. (AFP via Daily Star)

Tuesday April 12, 2016 Iran–Italy relations During a visit to Iran, Prime Minister of Italy Matteo Renzi signs various bilateral agreements to enhance relations between the two countries, including plans for cooperation between the Italian electricity and gas company Enel and the National Iranian Oil Company. (Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty)

Tuesday April 12, 2016 A painting, Judith Beheading Holofernes, believed to be from Italian painter Caravaggio, is discovered in an attic in the French city of Toulouse. (The Guardian)

Wednesday April 13, 2016 November 2015 Paris attacks Three people arrested yesterday in connection with last year's attacks in Paris are released without charge. (AFP/Reuters via ABC News)

Hispanic peoples such as those of Mexico can be connected.

Sunday April 10, 2016 Peruvian general election, 2016 Voters in Peru go to the polls for a general election with Keiko Fujimori and Pedro Kuczynski going through to the second round. (Telesur) (AP via Journal Times) Suspected Shining Path rebels kill three people, two of them Peruvian Army soldiers and the other a driver, in an attack on a vehicle carrying election materials in the remote areas of the country. (BBC)

Tuesday April 12, 2016 Bolivia–Russia relations Russia and Bolivia meet to discuss how Russian defense firms can help the South American nation's long-term rearmament plan. (UPI)

Tuesday April 12, 2016 Panama Papers Authorities in Panama raid law firm Mossack Fonseca, the source of the data leaked about offshore companies. (AFP via The Rappler)

Friday April 15, 2016 At least two people are killed and five missing after a building collapses in Tenerife in the Canary Islands. (France 24)

Friday April 15, 2016 A tornado hits the Uruguayan town of Dolores resulting in at least four deaths and seven injuries. (AP via Star Tribune)

Saturday April 16, 2016 General Salvador Cienfuegos Zepeda, Mexico's Secretary of National Defence, apologises for an incident in which two soldiers and a policewoman torture a woman. (AFP via France 24)

Saturday April 16, 2016 Five people are dead and five are in hospital after taking ecstasy at an Argentine version of the Time Warp Festival featuring electronic music acts. (Reuters via Yahoo!)

Saturday April 16, 2016 The death toll rises to seven from Thursday's building collapse in the Canary Islands' southern coastal town of Los Cristianos on the island of Tenerife. (AP)

Saturday April 16, 2016 2016 Ecuador earthquake A magnitude 7.8 earthquake strikes off the coast of Ecuador, near the town of Muisne. The Pacific Tsunami Warning Center issues a tsunami alert for coastal areas of Ecuador and Colombia. At least 42 people are reported dead with deaths reported in the cities of Manta, Guayaquil and Portoviejo. (BNO News) (USGS) (Reuters via NBC News) (AP via Fox News) A state of emergency is declared in six provinces. (BBC) Later, the Pacific Tsunami Warning Center announces the threat has largely passed. The United States Geological Survey reports the 7.8 magnitude quake was preceded, 11 minutes earlier, by a 4.8 earthquake. Production at the 110,000 barrel-per-day Esmeraldas refinery is suspended as a precautionary measure. (The Straits Times)

Lusitanic peoples such as those of Brazil can be connected.

Monday April 11, 2016 2015–16 protests in Brazil A committee of Brazil's Chamber of Deputies votes 38-27 to recommend the impeachment of President Dilma Rousseff, who faces charges of breaking budget laws to support her re-election in 2014. (Reuters)

Tuesday April 12, 2016 Brazil impeachment process, 2016 President Dilma Rousseff, speaking with teachers and students, says Vice President Michel Temer and Chamber of Deputies Speaker Eduardo Cunha are jointly plotting her downfall. The two men are in line to succeed her if she is impeached. (AP via The Washington Post) In a 13-minute audio tape he released Monday, Vice President Temer outlines his administration in the event that President Rousseff is impeached. Temer says he unintentionally sent the tape to lawmakers through an instant messenger app. (Bloomberg) (AP via The Washington Post)

Wednesday April 13, 2016 -- 2015–16 protests in Brazil The Progressive Party announces it is leaving President Dilma Rousseff's coalition government and that its 47 politicians would support her impeachment. (Al Jazeera)

Friday April 15, 2016 Impeachment process against Dilma Rousseff The Supreme Federal Court of Brazil rejects a bid by the Attorney General to suspend a vote in the parliament to begin impeachment procedures against the President Dilma Rousseff. (Reuters) Brazil's Chamber of Deputies begins debating the impeachment of the President. (AP)

Germanic peoples such as those of Germany can be connected.

Sunday April 10, 2016 Panama Papers German Justice Minister Heiko Maas, during a newspaper interview, appeals to media to hand over "Panama Papers" data that will help governments around the globe that already have started investigating possible financial wrongdoing by the world's rich and powerful. (Reuters)

Tuesday April 12, 2016 2016 Brussels bombings Belgium federal prosecutors say two more men have been charged with terrorist offenses linked to last month's Brussels bombing. Also, three people connected to the last year's Paris attacks are in custody. (Reuters)

Tuesday April 12, 2016 Bad Aibling rail accident A German train controller, who was operating the tracks where two trains collided on February 9 near the town of Bad Aibling, Bavaria, is arrested on possible manslaughter charges. Prosecutors say the controller had been playing a game on his mobile phone, which led to his making signalling errors. The crash resulted in 11 deaths and 85 injuries, 24 serious. (UPI)

Friday April 15, 2016 Aftermath of the 2016 Brussels bombings Belgian Minister of Transportation Jacqueline Galant resigns in the wake of the recent bombings that shook Brussels last March. Galant resigned amid accusations her ministry ignored EU criticism of security at Belgium's airports. (Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty)

Saturday April 16, 2016 European migrant crisis Pope Francis arrives on the Greek island of Lesbos. Francis is expected to visit the Moria detention facility, where he will have lunch with some of the 3,060 men, women, and children there. (The Washington Post) Pope Francis offers refuge to a dozen Syrian Muslims, three families with six children, who faced deportation from Lesbos. The refugees accompanied the Pope on his return trip to Rome. (The Guardian)

Saturday April 16, 2016 German police report an apparent deliberate explosion at a Sikh temple in Essen while a wedding was being celebrated, has injured three people, one in serious condition. Police say there is no indication this was a terrorist incident. (AP)

Northeast European peoples such as those of Russia can be connected.

Sunday April 10, 2016 The Prime Minister of Ukraine Arseniy Yatsenyuk resigns from office in a televised address. Yatsenyuk said his resignation is to be immediately followed by the formation of a new government. Volodymyr Groysman has taken role as Acting Prime Minister. (Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty)

Monday April 11, 2016 Armed conflicts and attacks2016 Stavropol bombings At least three suicide bombers attack a police station in Stavropol, Russia. (Sputnik News)

Wednesday April 13, 2016 War in Donbass The Ukrainian Army says eight of its soldiers were wounded in fighting against Russian-backed separatists in the east of the country during the previous 24 hours. A military spokesman said there had been 29 shelling incidents around Mariupol. (Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty)

Thursday April 14, 2016 The Verkhovna Rada appoints Volodmyr Groysman as the Prime Minister of Ukraine, replacing Arseny Yatseniuk. (Reuters)

Thursday April 14, 2016 Authorities in Ukraine recover four Dutch Golden Age paintings stolen from a museum in the Netherlands a decade ago. (AP via Seattle Times)

Friday April 15, 2016 Poland–Russia relations, NATO–Russia relations Polish Foreign Minister Witold Waszczykowski, during a visit to Slovakia for talks on the future of NATO, says Russia is more dangerous than the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL). “By all evidence, Russia’s activity is a sort of existential threat because this activity can destroy countries,” Waszczykowski told reporters in Bratislava. He described ISIL as a very serious threat but said “it is not an existential threat for Europe”. (The Guardian)

Friday April 15, 2016 Leaders of the Czech Republic choose “Czechia” as the one-word alternative name of their country to make it easier for companies, politicians and sportsmen to use on products, name tags and sporting jerseys. However, this change must still win cabinet approval before the foreign ministry can lodge the name with the United Nations for it to become the country’s official short name. (The Guardian)

Saturday April 16, 2016 Macedonian parliamentary election, 2016 As protesters continue to take to the streets of Skopje, Macedonia, lawmakers confirmed that a snap election will take place on June 5 despite the protesters being angry at President Gjorge Ivanov’s decision to halt investigations into more than 50 public figures, including top politicians embroiled in a wire-tapping scandal. Zoran Zaev, the main opposition leader, vowed to boycott the election. (The Guardian)

Asiatic peoples

Asiatic peoples including Middle Eastern peoples, South Asian peoples, Oriental peoples, and Southeast Asian and Oceanic peoples can be connected. South Korea can be connected. Cities such as Seoul can be connected.

Monday April 11, 2016 The Prime Minister of Kyrgyzstan Temir Sariyev announces he will resign from his post. This comes after several Parliament members accused Sariyev and his cabinet of corruption. The Kyrgyz presidential press service said President Almazbek Atambayev accepted his resignation. (Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty)

Monday April 11, 2016 The President of the Georgian breakaway state of South Ossetia Leonid Tibilov announces his plan to hold a referendum on whether to become part of Russia or to keep its de facto independence before August of this year. This comes after South Ossetia signed various agreements further integrating the region with Russia. (TASS)

Middle Eastern peoples including Egyptian and Persian peoples can be connected. Turkey can be connected.

Monday April 11, 2016 Houthi insurgency in Yemen, Yemeni Crisis (2011–present) Ismail Ould Cheikh Ahmed, the United Nations special envoy for Yemen, says he welcomes the tentative truce that started at midnight Yemen time. The truce opens unhindered access for relief aid to all of Yemen. Peace talks are set to start later this month. (Reuters)

Monday April 11, 2016 Yemeni Civil War (2015–present) Clashes and air strikes are reported in Yemen despite a fragile truce between the government and Houthis taking effect. However, the truce appears to be largely holding as members from the International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement are granted unhindered access to give humanitarian aid and personnel across the country. (BBC)

Tuesday April 12, 2016 PKK rebellion (2015–present) A car bomb attack on a Turkish gendarmerie in the town of Hani kills at least two people and injures 50. (Reuters)

Tuesday April 12, 2016 Russian military intervention in the Syrian Civil War A Russian Air Force Mi-28 attack helicopter crashes near the Syrian city of Homs, killing two pilots. (BBC)

Wednesday April 13, 2016 Syrian parliamentary election, 2016 Voters in mostly government controlled areas of Syria will head to the polls to elect 250 members to the People's Council of Syria. (RT) (TeleSUR)

Monday April 11, 2016 Israeli–Palestinian conflict (2015–present) Israeli security forces arrest 18 Palestinians on the West Bank for alleged terrorism related offences. (Jerusalem Post)

Tuesday April 12, 2016 Australian 60 Minutes reporter Tara Brown and her crew are reportedly facing kidnapping charges in Lebanon following a bungled child recovery attempt. (Courier Mail)

Thursday April 14, 2016 Israeli–Palestinian conflict A Palestinian wielding an ax attacks an Israeli soldier near Hebron and is shot dead while two 12-year-old Palestinians in Jerusalem are arrested by Israeli Police with three knives concealed in their coats on suspicion of planning to carry out a stabbing attack. (The Times of Israel)

Sunday April 10, 2016 Developers announce their intention to build a new tower in Dubai, United Arab Emirates to surpass the Burj Khalifa as the tallest structure in the world. The project is expected to be roughly $1bn (£710m) and scheduled to be completed for the Dubai Expo trade fair in 2020. (BBC)

Friday April 15, 2016 PKK rebellion (2015–present) At least four Turkish Army soldiers are killed and two others are wounded after a roadside bomb hit their vehicle in the southeast Mardin Province. (Reuters)

Saturday April 16, 2016 Iraq's Parliament cancels its third session in a week to discuss political reforms as some MPs dispute the legitimacy of speaker Salim al-Jabouri to chair the meeting. Also, protesters gathered in the streets of Baghdad to protest the growing political deadlock in the country. (Al Jazeera)

Saturday April 16, 2016 Syrian Civil War Syrian government airstrikes, and rockets from Islamist insurgents, hit many neighborhoods in Aleppo. Fatalities are reported on both sides of the city. This continued fighting threatens the truce and peace talks being held in Geneva, Switzerland. UN envoy Staffan de Mistura says he will meet the government delegation Monday, and will sit down with the main opposition High Negotiations Committee later in the week. (Reuters) (AFP via Thanh Niên)

Egypt can be connected.

Friday April 15, 2016 Riot police violently break up an anti-Sisi protest in Cairo, Egypt. In the first sign of public discontent with President Sisi's rule, hundreds of people gathered and shouted slogans calling for his overthrow. (Al Jazeera)

Persian peoples such as those of Iran can be connected.

Sunday April 10, 2016 War in Afghanistan (2015–present) The Taliban, in a statement claiming responsibility for yesterday's rocket attacks into Kabul, Afghanistan, says the intended target was U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry, who was in the capital to help defuse a crisis within the unity government. Kerry had departed less than an hour earlier. No casualties have been reported. (CNN)

Monday April 11, 2016 War in Afghanistan (2015–present) A suicide bomber kills 12 new police recruits in the Nangarhar Province of Afghanistan. The Taliban claims responsibility for the attack. (BBC)

Tuesday April 12, 2016 War in Afghanistan (2015–present) The Taliban announces its annual spring offensive to be named "Operation Omari". (Voice of America)

Sunday April 10, 2016 -- 2016 Afghanistan earthquake A 6.6 magnitude earthquake occurs in northern Afghanistan near the Pakistan border with tremors felt in north India. (BBC) (USGS)

Thursday April 14, 2016 War in Afghanistan (2015–present) Taliban militants kill eight people, including a police commander, in an ambush in northern Afghanistan. (Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty)

Friday April 15, 2016 War in Afghanistan (2015–present) A battle rages in the Kunduz Province of Afghanistan as the Taliban launches its spring offensive to capture the city of Kunduz. According to a Taliban spokesperson, several outposts already fell to them but this could not be verified immediately while a police chief says that the security forces were keeping "the situation under control". (Al Jazeera)

Saturday April 16, 2016 Iran–European Union relations EU Foreign policy chief Federica Mogherini holds the highest-level talks between the EU and Iran in decades to mark a new phase in relations between the two. Both sides are keen to focus on trade, energy and the environment as possible areas of cooperation. (BBC)

Saturday April 16, 2016 War in Afghanistan (2015–present) According to a police chief, at least 40 Taliban fighters are killed after launching an offensive against Afghan security forces to seize the strategic northern city of Kunduz while four security force personnel are also killed. (Al Jazeera)

South Asian peoples such as those of India can be connected. Bangladesh can be connected.


Sunday April 10, 2016 Kollam temple fire A fire occurs at a Hindu temple in the Kollam district of the Indian state of Kerala. At least 102 people have been killed and hundreds injured. (Indian Express) (Times of India) (inquisitr), (BBC)

Monday April 11, 2016 Kollam temple fire Five workers from the company that supplied fireworks to the Puttingal Temple have been detained by Indian police with the death toll rising to 106. (CNN)

Tuesday April 12, 2016 A massive fire occurs in a textile factory in the Mumbai suburb of Bhiwandi in India's Maharashtra state. Fifty people are feared trapped. (IBN Live)

Tuesday April 12, 2016 Hundreds of people take to the streets of Handwara, Jammu and Kashmir after Indian Army soldiers shot dead at least two people during a protest against an alleged case of sexual harrasment by an army soldier against a young woman. (Al Jazeera)

Wednesday April 13, 2016 2014–16 El Niño event Indian officials report, with 24 deaths today, the heatwave in the eastern state of Odisha has killed 135 people. Temperatures of 105.5 degrees Fahrenheit were recorded yesterday at 19 locations across the state. Meteorologists say the heat, an after-effect of El Niño, has delayed the traditional April rains. (UPI)

Thursday April 14, 2016 Authorities in Jammu and Kashmir impose a curfew around the capital of Srinagar, Handwara, and neighbouring villages as protests turn violent. People began to protest last Tuesday when allegations were circulated by residents in Handwara that an Indian Army soldier tried to sexually assault a teenage schoolgirl. (Al Jazeera)

Pakistan can be connected.

Tuesday April 12, 2016 A Pakistani police officer accidentally detonates a grenade in an anti-terrorism court in Karachi, injuring himself and a court assistant. The officer was attempting to demonstrate a grenade detonator to a judge and said the grenade was defused before pulling the pin. (The Guardian)

Wednesday April 13, 2016 At least 15 people are killed and 20 injured following a road accident in the Pakistani city of Faisalabad. (Samaa)

Oriental peoples such as those of China can be connected. Japan can be connected. Cities such as Tokyo can be connected.

Monday April 11, 2016 North Korea–South Korea relations, North Korean defectors South Korea announces that a colonel from North Korea's military spy agency defected to the south last year. Senior-level defections are rare, most being low level operatives. (AP)

Tuesday April 12, 2016 North Korea–South Korea relations, North Korean defectors North Korea accuses South Korea of kidnapping its citizens and demands their immediate return after Seoul's Ministry of Unification said 13 of them had defected to South Korea from China, where they worked in a Pyongyang-operated restaurant. China says that the 13 people, a male manager and 12 young female employees, had legitimate passports and had freely exited China. (The Straits Times)

Wednesday April 13, 2016 South Korean legislative election, 2016 Voters in South Korea go to the polls for a legislative election with the ruling Saenuri Party losing seats in a surprise setback. (AP) (Bloomberg) The opposition Minjoo Party of Korea wins the most seats in the Parliament. (BBC)

Thursday April 14, 2016 North Korea and weapons of mass destruction North Korea deploys one or two intermediate-range ballistic missiles on its east coast, possibly preparing for launch on or around Friday, the anniversary of the birth of the country’s founder Kim Il-sung, according to South Korea’s Yonhap news agency. (Euronews via Reuters)

Thursday April 14, 2016 2016 Kumamoto earthquake A magnitude 6.4 earthquake strikes near Kumamoto, Japan, collapsing several buildings killing at least four people and injuring 400. However, no tsunami warning was issued and local nuclear power plants reported no problems. (Reuters), (CNN), (Japan Today)

Friday April 15, 2016 North Korea and weapons of mass destruction South Korea's Yonhap news agency reports that North Korea tried to launch a BM25 Musudan intermediate-range ballistic missile but was unsuccessful. (Reuters) Chinese state media condemn the action saying that saber-rattling will "lead the country to nowhere". (The Guardian)

Friday April 15, 2016 2016 Kumamoto earthquake The death toll from yesterday's earthquake rises to nine with eight dead in the town of Mashiki. Eight hundred people have been injured including over 50 seriously injured. (AP)

Saturday April 16, 2016 2016 Kumamoto earthquakes A second earthquake hits southern Japan with a magnitude of 7.1 killing at least 32 people with the death toll from both earthquakes rising to 42. The new quake traps even more people. In Kumamoto a landslide occurs as well as a bridge collapse. (AFP via Yahoo! News) (AP) (AP via Yahoo! News) A new aftershock with a magnitude of 5.4 hits southern Kyushu island. A Japanese spokesman says 1,500 people have been injured, 80 seriously, since Thursday. (AP) (USA Today) Japan's Mount Aso in the Kumamoto Prefecture erupts sending ash about 100 meters (300 feet) into the air. The Japan Meteorological Agency kept its alert level at 2 on a scale of 5 for Aso following the eruption. It is unclear if the eruption is related to Saturday’s Kumamoto quake. (The Japan Times) Saturday's earthquake forces Sony to close its plant in the Kumamoto Prefecture. Toyota, Honda, and Nissan also stop work at several plants in the region. (UPI)

China can be connected.

Tuesday April 12, 2016 Cross-Strait relations Taiwan accuses China of "extrajudicial abduction" after 45 Taiwanese acquitted of fraud in Kenya were forcibly deported to China. (BBC News) (The New York Times) (Los Angeles Times) (Voice of America)

Wednesday April 13, 2016 Recognition of same-sex unions in China A judge rules against a gay couple in China's first same-sex marriage case. (AP)

Thursday April 14, 2016 Hong Kong's June 4th Museum, the first museum dedicated to the Tiananmen Square protests of 1989, is to close down. Organizers say they believe they are being targeted for political reasons. It comes at a time when concerns are growing in Hong Kong that Beijing is tightening its grip on the city. (The Guardian)

Thursday April 14, 2016 The People's Republic of China announces that it will prosecute 357 people for the illegal sale of vaccines. (BBC)

Thursday April 14, 2016 At least 18 people are killed after a 80-tonne crane collapses on a temporary structure during a thunderstorm in the city of Dongguan, China. (The Times of India)

Southeast Asian and Oceanic peoples

Southeast Asian and Oceanic peoples including Southeast Asian Island peoples can be connected. Thailand can be connected.

Mainland Southeast Asian peoples such as those of Vietnam can be connected.

Monday April 11, 2016 2014–16 El Niño event A severe heat wave grips Malaysia as much of Southeast Asia struggles with unusually hot and dry weather created by the El Niño season. Temperatures in Malaysia soared above 37°C, prompting more than 250 schools to close. (Al Jazeera)

Wednesday April 13, 2016 2016 Myanmar earthquake A magnitude 6.9 earthquake strikes Myanmar 396 kilometers (246 miles) north of the capital, Naypyidaw, according to the U.S. Geological Survey. (AP via CBS News)

Southeast Asian Island peoples such as those of Indonesia can be connected. The Philippines can be connected.

Wednesday April 13, 2016 Moro Conflict Battle of Tipo-Tipo ISIL claims responsibility for clashes between militants linked to the group and the Philippine Army that claimed 23 lives. (Reuters via Trust)

Wednesday April 13, 2016 A Britten-Norman Islander light aircraft crashes in the Papua New Guinea town of Kiunga resulting in the deaths of all twelve people on board. (ABC News Australia)

Friday April 15, 2016 Territorial disputes in the South China Sea, Philippine general election, 2016 Presidential candidate Rodrigo Duterte says he will set aside the Philippine claim on the Spratly islands and forge better economic relations with China. (Rappler)

Friday April 15, 2016 Philippine presidential election, 2016 Presidential candidate Miriam Defensor Santiago, who lags in surveys, accuses pollsters of fabricating results by excluding her name in opinion polls.(GMA News) (Inquirer) (The Manila Bulletin)

Friday April 15, 2016 Human rights abuse victims during the regime of Ferdinand Marcos stake a claim on auction proceeds from Imelda Marcos' art collection, which includes pieces by Michelangelo, Monet, Van Gogh, and Picasso. (Rappler)

Saturday April 16, 2016 Moro conflict Philippine officials report four Indonesian sailors were kidnapped last night off the Philippines' southernmost town of Sitangkai, Tawi-Tawi, near Malaysia's Sabah state. Seven gunmen in a blue speedboat attacked two Indonesian-flagged tugboats. Six other sailors, including one who was shot, were not taken by ISIL-linked Abu Sayyaf militants. (Reuters)

Indonesia can be connected.

Wednesday April 13, 2016 Papua conflict Massive demonstrations in support of the Free Papua Movement take place in various cities in the Indonesian provinces of Papua and West Papua. The demonstrations voice support for the Liberation Movement to become a full member of the Melanesian Spearhead Group. (Radio New Zealand)

African peoples

African peoples including Eastern African, Western African, and Central African peoples can be connected. South Africa can be connected.

Tuesday April 12, 2016 In rugby union, Allister Coetzee is named as the new coach of the South Africa national rugby team. (IOL)

Wednesday April 13, 2016 The government of Malawi declares a state of emergency across the country over worsening food shortages caused by a severe drought that is affecting much of Southern Africa with about 2.8 million Malawians, or 20% of the population, facing food insecurity. (Al Jazeera)

Thursday April 14, 2016 Thousands of opposition supporters rally in Harare, Zimbabwe, against President Robert Mugabe and the deteriorating economy. The rally was banned by the police, however, it went ahead after a ruling by the High Court sanctioned the protest. (BBC)

Eastern African peoples such as those of Ethiopia can be connected.

Sunday April 10, 2016 Chadian presidential election, 2016 Voters in Chad go to the polls for the first round of voting in a presidential election with incumbent President Idriss Déby favoured to win a fifth term. (Reuters)

Monday April 11, 2016 Darfurian status referendum, 2016 Voting for a referendum begins in Darfur, Sudan. Voters will be asked during the three-day referendum to decide on the permanent administrative status of the region. The choices are for the creation of a Darfur Region composed of the States of Darfur, or the retention of the status quo states system. Darfur is currently divided into five states. Voters will decide this week whether the area should go back to being one region, as it was until 1994. However, there are fears of voter apathy and if the referendum will be credible. (Al Jazeera)

Monday April 11, 2016 War in Somalia (2009–present) At least five people are killed and seven are wounded following a car bomb attack near a government building in Somalia's capital, Mogadishu. Al-Shabaab claims responsibility for the attack. (BBC)

Tuesday April 12, 2016 War in Somalia U.S. officials say unmanned airstrikes in southern Somalia killed about a dozen suspected militants from the al Qaeda-linked group al Shabaab on Monday and Tuesday. (Reuters)

Friday April 15, 2016 Authorities in Rwanda jail former politician Léon Mugesera for life. Mugesera was known for describing Tutsis as "cockroaches" and called for their extermination in a speech in 1992 and is said to be a precursor to the Rwandan genocide. (BBC)

Saturday April 16, 2016 War in Somalia (2009–present) AMISOM soldiers kill four Somali civilians in the town of Bulla Marer, southwest of Mogadishu. The AU Mission said scared soldiers opened fire when the car the civilians were driving failed to stop at a roadblock. (BBC)

Saturday April 16, 2016 Ethiopia claims that members of South Sudan's Murle people have killed 140 people and abducted 39 children. (BBC)

Western African peoples such as those of Nigeria can be connected.

Tuesday April 12, 2016 Operation Barkhane A French Army soldier is killed and three others are injured after their convoy hit a landmine in northern Mali. (AP via ABC News)

Central African peoples such as those of Congo DR can be connected.

Sunday April 10, 2016 Comorian presidential election, 2016 Voting begins for the second round of an election in the Comoros with a tight race expected between three candidates. They are current Vice President Mohamed Ali Soilihi, who won the first round, former coup leader Azali Assoumani and Governor of Grande Comore Mouigni Baraka. (Al Jazeera)

Saturday April 16, 2016 Veteran President of the Republic of the Congo Denis Sassou Nguesso is sworn in for another term after a contentious election. (AFP via Daily Mail)

American Indian peoples

American Indian peoples including Middle American Indian, South American Indian peoples, and North American Indian peoples can be connected. Mexico can be connected. Middle American Indian peoples such as those of United States can be connected. South American Indian peoples such as those of Brazil can be connected. North American Indian peoples such as those of United States can be connected.


Cities such as Mumbai, Jakarta, Sao Paulo, Delhi, Shanghai, Manila, Karachi, Cairo, Beijing, Osaka, Canton, Moscow, Los Angeles, Calcutta, Dacca, Buenos Aires, Istanbul, Rio de Janeiro, Shenzhen, Lagos, Paris, Nagoya, Lima, Chicago, Kinshasa, Tianjin, Chennai, Bengaluru, London, Saigon, Donguan, Hyderabad, Chengdu, Lahore, Jonannesburg, Tehran, Essen, Bangkok, Hong Kong, Wuhan, Ahmedabad, Chongqing, Baghdad, Hangzhou, Toronto, Kuala Lumpur, Santiago, Dallas, San Francisco, Quanzhou, Miami, Shenyang, Belo Horizonte, Philadelphia, Nanjing, Madrid, Houston, Xian, Milan can be connected.

World cities such as Tokyo, Seoul, Mexico City, and New York City can be connected.

Social mechanics

Social mechanics including social change, social types, and social structure can be connected.

Social change

Social change including particular changes and movements, social change factors, and social change processes can be connected.

Particular changes and movements including stone age developments and the agricultural revolution can be connected. Agrarian developments including bronze age developments, American civilization, early iron age developments, late iron age developments, and modernization can be connected. The industrial revolution including the early industrial revolution, middle industrial revoltuion, and late industrial revolution can be connected.

Social change factors including cultural change, demographic change, and natural change can be connected. Institutional change can be connected.

Social change processes including innovation, transmission, adaptation, and extinction can be connected.

Social types including horticultural societies and hunting and gathering societies can be connected. Industrial societies can be connected. Agrarian societies can be connected.

Social structure including class structure, institutional structure, cultural structure, and anthropological structure can be connected. Community and regional structure can be connected.


Institutions incuding religion, government, economics, education, and family studies can be connected.


Religion including particular religions, religious organization, religious practice, and religius belief can be connected.

Particular religions

Particular religions including Abrahamic religion, Asiatic religion, secularism, and pagan religion can be connected.

Abrahamic religion including Christianity, Islam, and Judaism can be connected. Asian religion including Indian religion, East Asian religion, and Persian religion can be connected. Secularism can be connected. Pagan religion including European pagan religion, Asian pagan religion, African pagan religion, American Indian religion, and neopagan religion can be connected.

Religious organization can be connected. Religious practice can be connected. Religious belief can be connected.


Government including particular governments, government activity, government strucure, and law can be connected.

Particular governments including international government, national government, and local government can be connected. International government including modern compacts, colonial empires, and traditional empires can be connected. Government activity including state relations, administration, and succession can be connected. Government structure including government forms, executive systems, legislative systems, judicial systems, and political parties and interest groups can be connected. Law including international law, Western law, Asian law, and tribal law can be connected.

Economics including economic activity can be connected. Economic systems including economic system behavior, economic system types, networks, and firms can be connected. Industries including social and medical services, commercial and financial industries, communications industries, transportation industries, building related industries, manufacturing and extraction industries, and food and agricultural industries can be connected.

Sunday April 10, 2016 The International Monetary Fund encourages the move toward negative interest rates because "they help deliver additional monetary stimulus and easier financial conditions." (Reuters).

Education including school systems, educational organization, cultural institutions, teaching, and research can be connected.

Families including particular families, kinship, parenting, and marriage can be connected.


Culture including behavioral culture, conceptual culture, and material culture can be connected.

Behavioral culture including cultural events, recreation and entertainment, occupations, and customs can be connected. Conceptual culture including philosophy, applied science, mathematics, literature, graphic arts, and language can be connected. Material culture including miscellaneous artifacts, communications technology, transportation technology, clothing and dress, foodstuffs, building technology, and industrial technology can be connected.

Wednesday April 13, 2016 The World Anti-Doping Agency advises that WADA-accredited laboratories are currently conducting studies on meldonium excretion rates since existing data is lacking. Meldonium became a banned substance on January 1, 2016. A large number of athletes, including grand-slam tennis champion Maria Sharapova, had taken the medication in the past, and have tested positive this year. The new data will address how long meldonium stays in the body and determine if athletes were provided a reasonable amount of time to adhere to the new restrictions prior to testing. The drug was used by many Soviet-bloc athletes since the 80s. (Reuters) (WADA)


Anthropology including particular groups, human geography, human ecology, physical anthropology, demography, and social foundations can be connected.

Particular groups can be connected. Human geography including Asian geography, European geography, African geography, North American geography, South American geography, and Oceanic geography can be connected. Human ecology including human effects on the environment, relations with other life forms, and environmental effects on people can be connected. Physical anthropology including human dispersion, racial variation, and human origins can be connected. Demography including population change, population size and structure, migration, death, and birth and fertility can be connected. Social foundations including social group behavior, social group types, social control, social interaction, and social presentation can be connected.

Sunday April 10, 2016 The World Wildlife Fund reports global populations of tigers, an endangered species, are up about 20 percent over the past six years. This increase in tiger numbers, after declining for a century, was primarily in India, Russia, Nepal, and Bhutan. The third Asian Ministerial Conference on Tiger Conservation starts Monday in New Delhi, India. (Newsweek)

Personal studies including the human body can be connected. Biography can be connected. Psychology including social psychology, personality, mental disorders, developmental psychology, behavior patterns, mind, and behavioral elements can be connected.

Science including earth science, astronomy, chemistry, and physics can be connected. Biology including biohistory, ecology, systematics, organism biology, cell biology, and molecular biology can be connected.

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