Third Quarter 2017

This will include events of July 2017, August 2017, and September 2017.

Events in Egypt, India, Pakistan, China, and Indonesia have not yet been well analyzed.


July 2017

July 4 – Russia and China urge North Korea to halt its missile and nuclear programs after it successfully tested its first intercontinental ballistic missile.[14][15] July 7 – The Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons is voted for by 122 of the 193 UN member states.[16] July 10 – Syrian Civil War: Mosul is declared fully liberated from the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant.[17]

August 2017

August 5 – The UN Security Council unanimously approves fresh sanctions on North Korean trade and investment.[18] August 17 – The first observation of a collision of two neutron stars (GW170817)[19] is hailed as a breakthrough in multi-messenger astronomy[20] when both gravitational and electromagnetic waves from the event are detected.[21][22] Data from the event provided confirmatory evidence for the r-process theory of the origin of heavy elements like gold.[23][24] August 21 – A total solar eclipse (nicknamed "The Great American Eclipse")[25] is visible within a band across the entire contiguous United States of America, passing from the Pacific to the Atlantic coasts.[26][27][28] August 25–ongoing – A military operation targeting Rohingya Muslims in Myanmar "seems a textbook example of ethnic cleansing", according to the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights.[29] August 25–30 – Hurricane Harvey strikes the United States as a Category 4 hurricane, causing catastrophic damage to the Houston metropolitan area, mostly due to record-breaking floods. At least 90 deaths were recorded,[30][31] and total damage reaches $198.6 billion (2017 USD), making Harvey the costliest natural disaster in United States history.[32]

September 2017

September 1 – Russian President Vladimir Putin expels 755 diplomats in response to United States sanctions.[33] September 3 – North Korea conducts its sixth and most powerful nuclear test.[34] September 6–10 – The Caribbean and United States are struck by Hurricane Irma, a Category 5 hurricane that is the strongest hurricane ever recorded in the Atlantic basin outside the Caribbean and Gulf of Mexico.[35] The storm causes at least 134 deaths and at least $63 billion (2017 USD) in damage.[36] September 13 – The International Olympic Committee awards Paris and Los Angeles the right to host the 2024 and 2028 Summer Olympics, respectively.[37] September 15 – Cassini–Huygens ends its 13-year mission by plunging into Saturn, becoming the first spacecraft to enter the planet's atmosphere.[38] September 19 – An earthquake of magnitude 7.1 strikes Central Mexico, killing 369 people[39] and leaving thousands more homeless.[40] September 19–20 – Just two weeks after Hurricane Irma struck the Caribbean, Hurricane Maria strikes similar areas, making landfall on Dominica as a Category 5 hurricane, and Puerto Rico as a Category 4 hurricane. Maria causes at least 94 deaths and damages estimated in excess of $51 billion (2017 USD).[41]

Other History

Other history including prehistory, antiquity, classical and medieval history, other modern history, and the future can be used to examine July 2017, August 2017, and September 2017.

Prehistory including early prehistory, middle prehistory, and late prehistory can be connected. Antiquity including the early 3rd millennium BC, late 3rd millennium BC, early 2nd millennium BC, late 2nd millennium BC, and early 1st millennium BC can be connected.

Classical and medieval history including early classical and late classical history can be connected. Early medieval history including the 6th century CE, 7th century CE, 8th century CE, 9th century CE, and 10th century CE can be connected. Late medieval history including the 11th century CE, 12th century CE, 13th century CE, 14th century CE, and 15th century CE can be connected.

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Other modern history

Other modern history including the 16th century, 17th century, 18th century, 19th century, and 20th century can be connected.

The 16th century including the early 16th century, early mid 16th century, mid 16th century, late mid 16th century, and late 16th century can be connected. The 17th century including the early 17th century, early mid 17th century, mid 17th century, late mid 17th century, and late 17th century can be connected. The 18th century including the early 18th century, early mid 18th century, mid 18th century, late mid 18th century, and late 19th century can be connected. The 19th century including the early 19th century, early mid 19th century, mid 19th century, late mid 19th century, and late 19th century can be connected.

Other 20th century

Other periods of the early 20th century including the early 20th century, early mid 20th century, mid 20th century, late mid 20th century, late 20th century, and other early 21st century can be connected.

The early 20th century including the early 1900s, late 1900s, early 1910s, and late 1910s can be connected. The early mid 20th century including the early 1920s, late 1930s, early 1930s, and late 1930s can be connected. The mid 20th century including the early 1940s, late 1940s, early 1950s, and late 1950s can be connected. The late mid 20th century including the early 1960s, late 1960s, early 1970s, and late 1970s can be connected. The late 20th century including the early 1980s, late 1980s, early 1990s, and late 1990s can be connected.

Other early 21st century

Other periods of the early 21st century including the early 2000s, late 2000s, early 2010s, and late 2010s can be connected.

The early 2000s including 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, and 2005 can be connected. The late 2000s including 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, and 2010 can be connected.

The early 2010s including 2011, 2012, 2013, and 2014 can be connected. 2015 including the first quarter 2015, second quarter 2015, third quarter 2015, and fourth quarter 2015 can be connected.

Other late 2010s

Other periods of the late 2010s including 2016 and other 2017 can be connected.

2016 including the first quarter 2016, second quarter 2016, third quarter 2016, and fourth quarter 2016 can be connected.

Other 2017

Other 2017 including the first quarter 2017, second quarter 2017, and fourth quarter 2017 can be connected.

The first quarter 2017 including January 2017, February 2017, and March 2017 can be connected.

Second quarter 2017

The second quarter 2017 including April 2017, May 2017, and June 2017 can be connected.

April 2017 including 2017 week 14, 2017 week 15, 2017 week 16, 2017 week 17, and 2017 week 18 can be connected. 2017 week 13 can be connected.

May 2017 including 2017 week 18, 2017 week 19, 2017 week 20, 2017 week 21, and 2017 week 22 can be connected. June 2017 including 2017 week 22, 2017 week 23, 2017 week 24, 2017 week 25, and 2017 week 26 can be connected.

Fourth quarter 2017

The fourth quarter 2017 including October 2017, November 2017, and December 2017 can be connected.

October 2017 including 2017 week 39, 2017 week 40, 2017 week 41, 2017 week 42, 2017 week 43, and 2017 week 44 can be connected. November 2017 can be connected. November 2017 including 2017 week 44, 2017 week 45, 2017 week 46, 2017 week 47, and 2017 week 48 can be connected.

December 2017 including 2017 week 48, 2017 week 49, 2017 week 50, 2017 week 51, and 2017 week 52 can be connected. 2017 week 53 can be connected.


2018 including the first quarter 2018 can be connected.


The future including the near future, middle future, and far future can be connected.


Sociology including peoples of the world, communities, and social mechanics can be connected.

Peoples of the world

Peoples of the world including nations and major groups of Western Civilization, Asiatic peoples, African peoples, and American Indian peoples can be connected.

Nations such as South Korea, Burma, Colombia, Spain, Ukraine, Tanzania, Argentina, Kenya, Poland, Algeria, Canada, Iraq, Uganda, Morocco, Sudan, Peru, Uzbekistan, Malaysia, Venezuela, Saudi Arabia, Nepal, Yemen, Afghanistan, Ghana, North Korea, Mozambique, Taiwan, Australia, Syria, Côte d'Ivoire, Madagascar, Sri Lanka, Angola, Cameroon, Romania, Chile, Netherlands, Kazakhstan, Niger, Burkina Faso, Guatemala, Mali, Ecuador, Cambodia, Malawi, Zambia, Senegal, Zimbabwe, Chad, Cuba, Belgium, Greece, Rwanda, Tunisia, Portugal, Czech Republic, Bolivia, Guinea, Burundi, Haiti, Hungary, Somalia, Sweden, Belarus, Dominican Republic, Azerbaijan, Benin, Austria, Honduras, United Arab Emirates, South Sudan, Switzerland, Israel, Tajikistan, Bulgaria, Serbia, Hong Kong, Papua New Guinea, Libya, Paraguay, Jordan, Laos, El Salvador, Togo, Nicaragua, Eritrea, Denmark, Kyrgystan, Slovakia, Finland, Sierra Leone, Singapore, Turkmenistan, Norway, Central African Republic, Ireland, Georgia, New Zealand, Costa Rica, Palestinian Territories, Croatia, Lebanon, Congo (Rep), Bosnia and Herzegovina, Puerto Rico, Kuwait, Moldova, Liberia, Panama, Mauritania, Armenia, Uruguay, Lithuania, Albania, Mongolia, Oman, Jamaica, Namibia, Lesotho, Latvia, Slovenia, Macedonia, Botswana, Qatar, Gambia, Guinea-Bissau, Gabon, Estonia, Trinidad and Tobago, Mauritius, Bahrain, Swaziland, East Timor, Fiji, Cyprus, and Djibouti can be connected.

Western Civilization including Anglic, Latin, Germanic, and Northeast European peoples can be connected. Italy can be connected.

Anglic peoples including Anglo-American peoples can be connected. The United Kingdom can be connected. Anglo-American peoples such as those of the United States can be connected.

Latin peoples including Hispanic and Lusitanic peoples can be connected. France can be connected. Hispanic peoples such as those of Mexico can be connected. Lusitanic peoples such as those of Brazil can be connected.

Germanic peoples such as those of Germany can be connected.

Northeast European peoples such as those of Russia can be connected.

Asiatic peoples including Middle Eastern, South Asian, Oriental, and Southeast Asian and Oceanic peoples can be connected. Thailand can be connected.

Middle Eastern peoples including Egyptian peoples can be connected. Turkey can be connected. Egypt can be connected. Persian peoples including those of Iran can be connected.

South Asian peoples such as those of India and Pakistan can be connected. Bangladesh can be connected. India can be connected. Pakistan can be connected.

Oriental peoples such as those of China can be connected. Japan can be connected. China can be connected.

Southeast Asian and Oceanic peoples including Southeast Asian Island peoples can be connected. Vietnam can be connected. Southeast Asian Island peoples such as those of Indonesia can be connected. The Philippines can be connected. Indonesia can be connected.

African peoples including Eastern African, Western African, and Central African peoples can be connected. South Africa can be connected. Eastern African peoples such as those of Ethiopia can be connected. Western African peoples such as those of Nigeria can be connected. Central African peoples such as those of Congo DR can be connected.

American Indian peoples

American Indian peoples including Middle American Indian, South American Indian, and North American Indian peoples can be connected. Mexico can be connected.

Middle American Indian peoples such as those of the southwestern United States can be connected. South American Indian peoples such as those of Brazil can be connected. North American Indian peoples such as those of the United States can be connected.


Communities such as Tokyo, Seoul, Mexico City, New York City, Mumbai, Jakarta, Sao Paulo, Delhi, Shanghai, Manila, Karachi, Cairo, Beijing, Osaka, Canton, Moscow, Los Angeles, Calcutta, Dacca, Buenos Aires, Istanbul, Rio de Janeiro, Shenzhen, Lagos, Paris, Nagoya, Lima, Chicago, Kinshasa, Tianjin, Chennai, Bengaluru, London, Saigon, Donguan, Hyderabad, Chengdu, Lahore, Johannesburg, Tehran, Essen, Bangkok, Hong Kong, Wuhan, Ahmedabad, Chongqing, Baghdad, Hangzhou, Toronto, Kuala Lumpur, Santiago, Dallas, San Francisco, Quanzhou, Miami, Shenyang, Belo Horizonte, Philadelphia, Nanjing; Madrid, Houston, Xian, Milan, Luanda, Pune; Singapore, Riyadh, Khartoum, St. Petersburg; Atlanta, Surat, Washington, Bandung, Surabaya, Yangon, Alexandria, Guadalajara, Harbin, Boston, Zhengzhou, Qingdao, Abidjan, Bogota, Taipei, Suzhou, Nairobi, Barcelona, Kabul, Ankara, Xiamen, Kuwait City, Dar es Salaam, Phoenix, Dalian, Accra, Monterrey, Berlin, Sydney, Fuzhou, Medan, Dubai, Melbourne, Rome, Busan, Cape Town, Jinan, Ningbo, Hanoi, Naples, and Taiyuan can be connected.

World cities such as Tokyo can be connected.

Social mechanics including social change, social types, and social structure can be connected.


Institutions including religion, government, economics, education, and family can be connected.

Religion including religious organization, religious practice, and religious belief can be connected. Particular religions including Abrahamic religion, Asiatic religion, pagan religion, and secularism can be connected.

Government including particular governments, government activity, government structure, and law can be connected. Economics including economic systems, industries, and economic activity can be connected. Education including school systems, educational organization, cultural institutions, teaching, and research can be connected. Family including particular families, kinship, parenting, and marriage can be connected.

Culture including material culture can be connected. Behavioral culture including cultural events, recreation and entertainment, occupations, and customs can be connected. Conceptual culture including philosophy, applied science, mathematics, literature, graphic arts, and language can be connected.

Anthropology including human geography, human ecology, physical anthropology, demography, and social foundations can be connected. Particular groups can be connected.

Personal studies including biography, psychology, and the human body can be connected.

Science including biology, earth science, astronomy, and chemistry can be connected. Physics including the structure of matter, quantum physics, relativity, electromagnetism, thermodynamics, and mechanics can be connected.

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