Welcome to the Sapience web site.

This provides access to the Sapience Knowledge Base.

I have been working on pen-and-paper versions since the early 1980s. I first created a hyperlinked text version in about 2003 and posted it to the Web in 2004. In 2007, I reorganized it and kept it updated for the next few years. In February 2014, I lost access to the working copy of the site, but left the old version on the web for six months. I published this third version in July 2014 and have updated it several times. This is the current version as of February 2018.

This also provides access to my Blog: From the Ground.

I have maintained one blog or another since 2004, and some of my development and progress notes are posted there. The current incarnation uses WordPress software.

I have tried a couple of time to set up a bulletin board called the Independent Learning Forum, but participation died off and it was being overwhelmed with spam. It no longer exists and I have deleted it from the server.

I also have intermittently worked on a version of three valued logic and include a page which outlines its basic principles.

Other stuff, perhaps to be added, may include: experiments with software development related to the Sapience web site, links to Family history, and Science Fiction role playing.

I will also include announcements of updates and contact information.

Created 11 July 2014, last update 12 Feb 2017