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In the examination of African peoples, I have finished connecting African cities. From now on, I am going to be putting more emphasis on connecting Asiatic peoples and Western Civilization. Although I would like to develop African social mechanics, I need to develop the connections to Western Civilization and Asiatic peoples first.

The first step in a more detailed examination of African peoples is Eastern African peoples. For now, this involves connection to neighboring peoples of Southern Africa, Western Africa, and Central Africa.

Central East African peoples are being considered along with to Ethiopia and South Sudan

I may have already mentioned my choice of Kenya as a starting point. Although Tanzania is larger, I have chosen Kenya because of its more or less central location.

I begin in Northwestern Kenya, in what was known as the Rift Valley province. This is noted for what is geologically the East African rift, and is the site of Lake Turkana (formerly called Lake Rudolf). This has international borders with Ethiopia to the North, South Sudan to the Northeast, Uganda to the East, and Tanzania to the south. This has possible migration routes into the Nile Valley, the Omoe River into Ethiopia, and southward into Tanzania.

There are several neighboring former provinces. The first of these to be considered is the Western province, which borders on Lake Victoria, the largest lake in Africa and a source of the Nile River, and also borders Uganda. The second is the Eastern province, which principally an elevated region west of the Rift valley, and also borders Ethiopia.

It may be noticed that as I go smaller in geographic scope, I will give more attention to the nearer neighbors.

Buzz, Buzz

I’ve been concentrating the past few days on connecting peoples of the world to specific communities, working through cities of India, Pakistan, Southeast Asia, and the Middle East. The demand for African cities was getting to be too much to be put off.


I have finally connected peoples of the world and particular Oriental cities, and am now examining South Asian cities. These may be more useful in studies of antiquity.

I’m still working on African peoples. African cities are on hold for now, partly because I still have a long way to go through connecting cities to peoples of the world, but also because in my development scheme, I want to get more caught up with elements of social mechanics. For Eastern Africa, I am familiar in general terms with the influence of Middle Eastern and South Asian peoples and the modern influence of Western peoples, but I want to make these connections more explicit.

Chinese cities

I mentioned that for purposes of examining peoples of the world, I need to connect to specific cities. I have worked through cities of Western Civilization, and am now connecting to Asian cities, specifically those of China. I have gone through Southern Coastal China and South Central China and I am working through North Central China. For some time, China has been on the back of my mind, so it will be good to deal with it and scratch that itch.

Although I would like to get to African cities, this will take a little while yet. In the meantime, there are other things I can do with Africa and African peoples.

Once Again

Once again, I decided to work on reviewing modern history and connecting to current events. I started early in July and it’s taken this long to get more caught up. I was last working on this in mid February, so there are about 6 months of events yet to review. All the weeks of 2019 are now connected are now connected to the quarters they belong to and to sociology as far as communities. There is still a gap in connecting social mechanics and nations, but it is closing. I am making connections to the future. Although I would like to discuss events of the United States, the size of India and China dictates that these will get a large share of attention.

India’s religious pilgrimages and its space program have drawn some attention. An increasing conflict between mainland China and Hong Kong is also drawing attention. I expect to add more detail as I continue examining and developing recent events.