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Poke, poke

One of the things that I intended when I rebooted this blog was to provide more LDS content. I haven’t done that, so in search of something useful, I went to a site I occasionally visit. Book of Mormon Central, which has featured a number of interesting article related to the Book of Mormon, also link to other sites with LDS content. I had not been aware of Bible Central, which offers links to scholarly articles discussing the Bible from an LDS perspective. This is of special interest to me, because I have been personally encouraged to read such materials, and I have fallen far behind. Trying to keep my wide-ranging curiosity tied to my religious faith is important to me, so I expect this to be a highly useful supplement.

Poking around in Genesis, I find a link to an article by Michael D. Rhodes, “The Scriptural Accounts of the Creation: A Scientific Perspective,” which ties somewhat to my own speculations on the creation of the earth, but perhaps even more interestingly, a link to a review of John H. Walton’s The Lost World of Genesis One: Ancient Cosmology and the Origins Debate, which offers a perspective on what the Genesis account may have meant to the ancient Israelites. Alas, my poor budget makes it impractical to purchase, peruse and review this for myself, but knowing it’s there, I may come back to it eventually.