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Knowledge Base Progress #4

Once again, I have shied away from expounding on my ignorance by offering unsupported opinions. Most of my time lately has been occupied by working on the knowledge base.

For history in general, I am still working on a review of the relative significance of nations in history, at least, the largest ones.  For prehistory in general, I am adding more nations, and the level of subdivisions, I am linking details of institutions, culture, and anthropology.  Antiquity in general is going through a review of the relative significance of nations. This is held back because I don’t yet have connections of its subdivisions to Mesopotamian civilizations. These are being linked to culture, anthropology, and personal studies. Modern history is being linked to material culture and technology.  The 16th century is being linked to details of science, for the 17th century I am starting a review of the applications of other periods of history, and for the 18th century I am just finishing one. For the 19th century I am adding nations, and the 20th century is being linked to government. The divisions of the 20th century are being linked to details of institutions, culture, and anthropology, except for the early 20th century which is beginning a review of other history.

For sociology, I am making fairly rapid progress through connections to details of human geography. Peoples of the world are being connected to government. I have been adding pages for smaller nations.  For some time, I have been wanting to do a review of the history of Western Civilization. This is held back some by lack of detail in early modern history. Other peoples will be following soon. Communities are being connected to nations, and I am reviewing the history of social structure and change, which suffers from lack of specifics.

Institutions are being connected to elements of culture. I am connecting religion to specific nations and am starting a review of the history of government, which is an area I have been wanting to get to.  Culture is being connected to institutions.

I am also re-ordering the subdivisions of science, and moving astronomy to a position lower, or more fundamental,  than biology and earth science.

Most of these changes will appear in the next published update, which I will try to get up by the weekend.

Knowledge Base Progress #3

After finishing a review of biography, which finished a larger review of personal studies, I have published an update to the knowledge base.  What I have found most promising is the addition of more individuals to the list, making 30 in all, which is nearly twice as many. Since many more topics are at least touching on biography, I expect to be adding individuals at a faster rate.

I have now begun a review of the subject I call anthropology. For now, this is mostly an excuse to review history and add connections to it and to its subdivisions. Until I have more individuals identified as contributors to anthropology, there is little I can do to make this more interesting and useful. As I have said before, I need story.