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Self Education Plan

Some years ago, I was pursing the project of self-education, and doing so by following up on my interests as they occurred in random order. I quickly found that this led me into thickets of specialist literature that I couldn’t even read, and in umpty-seven different directions. In sheer self-defense, I started organizing subjects and emphasizing one thing at a time, while maintaining cross-connections. Over time, this evolved into the Sapience Knowledge Base, which could be described as my self-education plan, although I intend it so be much more useful than that. However, this has grown so big that it’s a warehouse for unexplored subjects.

For some times, I have been spending a few hours each day reviewing, and writing out, something of a daily plan. In order to get past the most broad, superficial knowledge of a subject, I need to go into details, which is a matter of daily discipline.

I recently did a Google search on Self-Education plans, and gathered a few sites that have useful comments. There are and have been several self-educators, autodidacts, and Do-It-Yourself educators around. I hope to be linking to what I consider the best and most active of them.

I tell people (those few that have ever asked) that the Knowledge Base is growing like a tree: Almost imperceptible on a daily basis, but noticeable over time.

Knowledge Base Progress #7

I have been concentrating more on history lately. The subdivisions of prehistory are better connected to the divisions of material culture, which will allow better examinations of tools and other artifacts. For antiquity in general, I have done a rewrite of how sociolocy is applied. The divisions of antiquity are being connected to elements of anthropology and personal studies, and a few more nations. Classical and medieval history in general is being connected to human geography. Century level pages have been added. For modern history, I have been reviewing biography pages.

For Sociology in general, I have finished reviewing biographies and rewriting the connections to personal studies and science. This is now being connected to “stub” pages in classical and medieval history. Peoples of the world are being connected to areas of culture, such as languages and writing. I have been rewriting and expanding the history of Asiatic peoples, with some attention to South Asian peoples and Oriental peoples, and connecting Southeast Asian peoples to anthropology and Personal studies. I have an improved outline of Western Civilization, and I am adding more nations and their connections, as well as rewriting the connections Middle Eastern peoples and adding more commentary. Anglic peoples are being connected to elements of science. African peoples in general are being connected to elements of anthropology. American Indian peoples are having their history rewritten and expanded. For Communities, I have finished a review of nations as far as they have been included and will be going through a review of peoples. Social mechanics are being connected to nations also.

Institutions in general are being connected to human geography, and Culture in general is being connected to details of economics.