Monthly Archives: August 2016

Momentary Pause

I’m experimenting with the idea of doing more than one blog post a day, in order to get me in the habit of doing at least one a day, so I’m pausing my headlong rush to make more connections to report on what I’ve done this morning.
The investigation into Chinese prehistory continues, although I’m getting to the point where I may need more specialist knowledge and more detail on Chinese geography to have more than the most superficial comments.
Investigation into the antiquity of India also continues. Some of the sources of Indian history are from religious epics, which have problems as historical accounts. For classical and medieval history, I am pulling connections to Middle American Indian peoples and South American Indian peoples back. These are mostly placeholders for future studies, but I need to get them out of the way.
I am connecting the list of nations to elements of culture, notably to communications and transportation, which will allow me to includes notes on what is called infrastructure. Social mechanics are now connected to culture, and I can start moving into connections with human geography. Religion is also now being connected to human geography.

Ancient China and India

Detailed periods of prehistory are being connected to Asiatic peoples with China in the lead. In order to do much more with China in antiquity, I need more of its geography and important cities. I have references to the Neolithic Longshan culture, but I need more geography and literature to follow this up.
Detailed periods of Antiquity are being connected to oriental peoples, which will be enabled by making connections with India. This will involve greater connections to Hinduism.
Classical and medieval history has quite a few more nations that can be more closely connected.

Almost a Milestone

Eep, it’s been over a month since I updated this blog, which apparently no one reads anyway, but never mind. I’ve been pushing the connections to Asian history, particularly the history of China, back through classical and medieval history into antiquity. Although this will not be adequate, it is a start. I have also been making some progress with pushing Egyptian and Persian history back through the 17th century. I have also been making connections with religion and culture, since my work with nations and social mechanics suggested that I needed religion for balance.

For early prehistory, I now have enough references to African nations to be able to identify Central East African and Northern East African regions. I have found references to the Aterian culture of North Africa, but I think I need either the finer subdivisions of early prehistory to have nations connected, or more nations of North Africa to be able to add more detail.

The peopling of the world in middle prehistory has similar difficulties, and early civilization in late prehistory also needs finer subdivisions. The subdivisions of antiquity have similar difficulties. It is evident from my pursuit of China into the late 2nd millennium BC that Chinese civilization is younger than that of the Middle East by several hundred years, although I don’t quite have the connections to document this fully.