Monthly Archives: December 2016

Once in a While

I’m occasionally guilty of binge-watching TV series on Netflix. Long ago, I decided that I didn’t care for most TV, and it wasn’t worth my time. Last time I visited the State Fair, someone was trying to push a service that would give me dozens of TV channels… my answer was that I wasn’t interested. She asked why not, and I replied “40 channels of nothing decent to watch”.
So, I’ve recently watched the first season of “Supergirl” and liked it. Pretty much straight-up good versus evil. Then again, Supergirl was always one of my favorites back in the day, and the show hasn’t mangled her too badly.
The last episode of binge-watching gave me a couple of episodes of “The Flash”, which I didn’t really want to follow, and “Arrow”, which turned me off because of excessive vigilatism.
I’d seen “Blue Bloods” in one of my earlier binge-watching episodes, and the new season came out. That’s a good one, too.
I’ve also liked “Longmire”.
I also watched the first season of “The Crown”, following the early reign of Elizabeth II. I’ve never been a close follower of the British Royal Family, but this gives me a better idea of who’s who and what’s what.

I tried “Quantico”, but I don’t think I’ll keep up with it. Too many secrets and betrayals, and sex scenes among people who shouldn’t be having sex with each other.


I’ve seen a recommendation (from Sarah Hoyt) that if I don’t write fiction, then in the interest of promoting a good and healthy artistic culture, I ought to review stories that I do like. That, I can do. Or, perhaps, learn to do. Praise the praiseworthy, report things that are of good report.


My latest efforts in the Knowledge Base have involved going through history and taking a narrower focus on just adding nations and their histories. Condensing a century or twenty years of history into just a sentence or two is an interesting exercise. I’ve made progress in getting Egypt and Germany back into classical and medieval times, and Iran and the Middle East in general all the way to the early 16th century, which is a significant milestone. These will appear in the next update.