Monthly Archives: June 2017

The Grand Scheme

As I look over the latest outline of what I am doing in history, I feel more like I have a handle on what is going on. For prehistory and antiquity, as I go period by period, I can start to see the major civilizations develop. For classical and medieval times, most of the major players are present, if not yet on stage. For the finer 20 year scale of modern times, most of the major players in European and Western Civilization are also present.
This is setting up a closer examination of peoples of the world, social mechanics, and types of society.

History again

For history in general, I’m continuing to link to biographies. I’m close to finishing this (for now) with a dozen more to go. I have a persistent, continuing interest in the roots of humanity in prehistory, but since it takes quite a bit of work in later periods to make much progress in this, I don’t have a whole lot to report. Antiquity has been doing better; I have been linking Thailand, and I have France into the Bronze age. For Classical and medieval times, I have Britain back into pre-Roman times and Italy to the Roman Empire. I have been looking forward to getting this connection for some time. I also have South Africa into late medieval times. I especially want to get this linked back because it is highly important in prehistory. Other areas are slowly inching along.