Monthly Archives: May 2021

Filling in

For history, before I go plunging into more biographies, I am working in the major subdivisions. More work on prehistory is on hold, while I work on government in antiquity and economics and education in classical and medieval times. Connecting modern history to more details of human geography is being held up while I work on cartography, except that the 21st century is being connected more specifically to government.

Peoples of the world are being connected to culture. This includes some areas that I have long been interested in, for instance the distribution of languages of the world. Cities are being connected to institutions, which will help detail them. Social mechanics is being connected specifically to religions of the world. Institutions are also being connected to culture. Religion in general is being connected to government and economics.

I’m making progress with my map of Africa; I’m mostly done with the topography, and have major lakes and rivers sketched in.


I tend to get diverted just when I’m about to enter a new phase of the knowledge base. Lately I have been connecting modern history to elements of culture, which, from another perspective, has to do with the modern history of technology. I have also been persistently pulling Central East African peoples back through antiquity in order to give more material to early prehistory, and Arabian and Persian peoples back into prehistory.

I have also been working on expanding science, since studies of early human prehistory are so closely connected to biohistory and geohistory.

I haven’t dropped my cartographic projects. At present, I’m working on a shaded contour map of Africa, so I can identify the most important mountain ranges and regions; and eventually identify the important watercourses and major biomes.

Inching along

For history in general, I have make connections to most areas. I would like to begin filling in details of biographies, but I think I want to get the subdivisions of history a little bit better connected first. For now, still have some nations to review for connections.F

For modern history, I am making more connections to particular religions. Most of the existing denominations of Christianity are modern, so this is a useful set of connections.

For Sociology, I am making more connections to elements of culture. Peoples of the world are being connected to education.

The increasing connections to human geography are prompting me to continue my efforts in cartography. I’m not quite ready to show off my works in progress, but I should have something before too very long.


In order to make more progress in history, I find that I need to add more biographies of prominent individuals. I had started doing this, but had set it aside because the connections to other areas were not sufficiently solid. I have been going through what I call the aids to history, making connections to elements of institutions and culture. I have now done this. I need to make connections to elements of anthropology before I can really make progress in inserting biographical figures. There is also a need to connect particular nations. This has not advanced as far as the web-based version, but I am resuming progress.

Now that history is developed enough that examination of human geography is becoming more useful and important, I have been reviving my interest in cartography. I’ve had a bit of trouble coordinating the various software tools, but I think I’m starting to figure out how to get them to work together. I hope to start including more maps to illustrate my various ideas.

In connecting the major periods of history, I find that I need to develop modern history. I am currently reviewing the connections to Asian peoples and cities. For classical and medieval history, I am reviewing the connection to European peoples and cities.

I am also connecting the area I call sociology to elements of culture, and peoples of the world to elements of government. Overall, I’m making progress.