State of the investigation

I have been repeatedly working in the earlier periods of antiquity. The 20th century is now connected to the centuries of antiquity, although the historical development of archaeology in the century is too large a subject to handle easily. The 19th century is being connected, and during this period, Middle Eastern archaeology began to develop, whereas it had previously mostly been limited to Europe. I have taken information from the earlier (web) version of my Knowledge base to extend the history of Egypt back to the 30th century BC. I am working on Mesopotamian history as relevant, although since this has had less influence on modern history, I have a long way to go back from the 19th century. Middle Eastern cities are reasonably well connected. and I am connecting South Asian cities. I have Oriental peoples connected most of the way through antiquity, and I am now working on connecting Central Asian peoples. Balkan peoples are now connected most of the way through antiquity, and I am working on connecting Latin peoples. Although Balkan cities are not presently large enough to include in my city list, they were more important anciently and are being connected. Once the South Asian cities are sufficiently connected back, I should be able to resume attention to social change and types.

For particular religions, I am focusing on connecting Pagan religion through classical and medieval times. and the general topic of religious belief through antiquity. A more detailed study of religion may come when I have more specific nations and cities to considered. The topic of particular governments is well connected through antiquity, and government activity is being connected. The more detailed study of government will also come when I have more specific nations and cities.

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