Self Education Plan

Some years ago, I was pursing the project of self-education, and doing so by following up on my interests as they occurred in random order. I quickly found that this led me into thickets of specialist literature that I couldn’t even read, and in umpty-seven different directions. In sheer self-defense, I started organizing subjects and emphasizing one thing at a time, while maintaining cross-connections. Over time, this evolved into the Sapience Knowledge Base, which could be described as my self-education plan, although I intend it so be much more useful than that. However, this has grown so big that it’s a warehouse for unexplored subjects.

For some times, I have been spending a few hours each day reviewing, and writing out, something of a daily plan. In order to get past the most broad, superficial knowledge of a subject, I need to go into details, which is a matter of daily discipline.

I recently did a Google search on Self-Education plans, and gathered a few sites that have useful comments. There are and have been several self-educators, autodidacts, and Do-It-Yourself educators around. I hope to be linking to what I consider the best and most active of them.

I tell people (those few that have ever asked) that the Knowledge Base is growing like a tree: Almost imperceptible on a daily basis, but noticeable over time.

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