From Antiquity

Most of my notes on antiquity are centered around Egypt, although in the current pass, I have managed to link to Mesopotamian peoples, (Babylon and Assyria). I am also working with Balkan peoples, specifically Greek peoples of Greece and Cyprus. Egyptian cities are being connected. I am also gradually expanding my links to areas of social mechanics. I have made some progress on religion and have linked pagan religions (in general) and Asiatic religion. Getting Abrahamic religion linked to antiquity is also a goal, national government and law.

I have also been working in modern history, and here, progress is more advanced. I am working on getting the industrial revolution linked, particularly the first or early industrial revolution, and on the next pass, will be doing more with the second (or middle) industrial revolution, which began in about the 1870s, and the computer (or late industrial ) revolution, which began in about the 1940s. I am linking Catholicism and have the popes identified to the mid 19th century, and am working on the history and major divisions of Protestantism. For government, I am linking colonial empires and about to start traditional empires and links to warfare. I am also making progress on elements of culture, and should soon start more links to mathematics. These are areas that I have been wanting to get to for sometimes, and it’s good to see that I am starting to make progress.

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