In the examination of history, I find it important to maintain an appropriate balance among peoples of the world. During antiquity, the peoples of Asia were generally more developed than others, and in particular, those of the Middle East were most significant. At the period I am working on right now, the 11th century BC, Egypt and Mesopotamian peoples were the best developed, but Persian and Anatolian peoples were starting to become more significant. The peoples of India, China, and Central Asia and Southeast Asia were not as well developed, or not as well connected to other peoples of the world. European peoples were not as well developed, although Greek peoples were starting to appear.

Later on, in classical and medieval times, European peoples began to become more significant, and in modern times, European peoples have had an outsized influence on the rest of the world. Tracing how and why this came about is part of the story of humanity. This is not to say that other peoples were insignificant, but trying find an appropriate balance and discover the patterns of social development is not a trivial task. In earlier developments of my knowledge base, I was focused too heavily on the modern size of nations, which is certainly not a good guide when working in the more distant past.

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