Crossing Over

At the 6th century BC, which I take as the last century of Antiquity, I am pausing to consider what will be developed for the Classical and Medieval period. First, I will begin taking Western Civilization as primary. It became more significant with the rise of Greek civilization and culture, and later on with Roman civilization and culture. In Asia, from this period on, Persian and Anatolian civilization and culture prevailed over Egyptian and Babylonian which prevailed through most of antiquity. I will also be looking more into India and China, and the peoples of Africa. The areas of social mechanics aren’t quite developed enough to pursue in depth, although they are getting closer. I had a vague notion that examination of religion would need to switch emphasis from pagan (particularly Asian pagan religion) to Asian religion: I now have a better idea of when and why to shift the emphasis. Local government and government activities and structure, economic systems and activity, and educational organization will also get more attention. Recreation and entertainment, and philosophy will also get more development in classical and medieval times.

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