Historical fantasy

For a long time, I had daydreams about writing science fiction, but over the last few decades, I have become somewhat disenchanted with it. The lack of progress in manned space exploration, and the various reasons for it, have combined to diminish my enthusiasm for the field. While I still like the idea of writing stories, I wasn’t sure what to write. Biographical? No, too self-pitying and possibly unfairly damaging to the reputations of others. A few years ago, when I was deeply immersed in the historical aspects of my knowledge base, the notion occurred to me that would write straight historical fiction. Then, a character spoke up out of my backbrain and said “The hell you will! ” and demanded I tell his story. Yes, it’s the authorial conceit that characters have their own mind and will, independent of their creator, instead of some subconscious creative process in the author’s mind, but never mind that. This character has revealed only two of his many aliases to me so far. Simon Magister is an immortal wizard who has been traveling around the world for thousands of years, fighting creations of evil and superstition. I don’t want to reveal too much about him: I want the stories to do that. But alongside my straightforward historical research, the stories are evolving. I may mention him from time to time.

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