Knowledge Base Progress #8

At present, I am working on the aids of history in general. Sociology in general is advanced enough that I have set it aside, Peoples of the world are being connected to material culture and technology. This will be useful when I start considering technology. I am not presently connecting nations. I am nearly done with a historical review of Asiatic peoples. I will do more such reviews as the site expands, but I want to get this one done to clear the way for connection of more nations.   I am starting to connect Southeast Asian peoples to more details of the physical and natural sciences. These are not the peoples who have made the greatest advances, but my development scheme makes it necessary to make these connections ahead of less populous but more influential peoples.  Western Civilization is being connected to particular nations.  I have been getting Anglic (English-speaking) peoples connected to details of the physical and natural sciences, and I am getting close to finishing this.  I am also been connecting African peoples, and these are being connected to demography and social foundations.  For Communities, I am reviewing  and cleaning up the connections to peoples of the world, and social structure and change is being connected to more nations. I have made minimal connections to social change, social types, and social structure, and to the advancements of institutions, culture, and anthropology.

For prehistory, there is some connection to antiquity, classical and medieval history, and modern history. I am also working on Asiatic peoples in general,  Southeast Asian peoples in particular, and conducting a review of how Asiatic peoples are used in different areas of prehistory.

I have also used  early prehistory as an excuse to develop the major periods of history.  I connected Thailand, which resulted in some rearrangements of Asiatic peoples. I used this to push the development of Asian history and the connections of African peoples, and development of connections to human ecology. Middle prehistory and late prehistory have had some similar developments.

Antiquity has reached the point where I can begin reviewing its institutions, and I have begun a review of religion. This is a significant development, since many of the current major religions of the world had their origins in this period. By the time I am done, there may be a significant rearrangements of the order of importance within antiquity. This is also showing up some significant gaps which I will have to fill in later. Noticeably, the history of Judaism is not connected to centuries before the 19th.

I am connecting  classical and medieval history to areas of human geography. Asian geography is well connected, but other areas will progress. Early classical history is having stub pages for particular centuries.

For modern history, I have been reviewing biographical figures. I am nearly done with this for now.

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