Although I am frequently tempted to begin at the beginning with early prehistory, I am frequently frustrated because the topics I most want to pursue have not been well developed in later periods. For instance, although I would like examine Central East African peoples, human culture developed more rapidly in other regions. Interior East African peoples of Sudan and South Sudan and Chad were important in the early development of Egypt, but I have not linked them yet to the centuries of antiquity. By the 6th century BC, other peoples were far more influential, and I want to examine these first. Similarly, although i would like to examine stone age developments and hunting and gathering societies, I need to connect the agricultural revolution and horticultural societies to later period. Until this is done, it is out of order, confusing, and chaotic to go too far into these. A mental map is much faster than a written one, but without writing the links out, important details tend to get foggy. and fade from memory.

As have been working and reworking early antiquity, it has come to my attention that my development plan is weak on the elements of culture, particular groups, biography, and science (for instance) that I need to give detail and color to my stories. Getting these properly linked will take time. Again, I have a habit of getting too locked in to a scheme, which turns out to be self-defeating. That gives me an idea….

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