Y’ see, this is why

One more time. From the beginning. This is the pitfall of being a generalist…there quite rapidly become too many threads to follow. I counted up over three dozen topics that I was tracking back into antiquity. Progress in working back through history rapidly gets bogged down, and not all the threads are equally important. But it’s also one of the benefits. I can start to see the bigger picture. It’s just so..much..work and so..slow.. to get there.

So, while I pause to recap, what have I accomplished in the last couple of days? Well, for one, I have the 21st century linked back almost to the beginning. For one, I have Anatolian peoples tracked back to the Bronze age. I had composed a summary of what Simon Magister would have been doing in the 30th century BC, and there was this hideous hole between Sumer, Egypt, and Minoan civilization, which is now close to being filled in. There is a deeper hole for Levantine peoples, those of Syria, Israel, Jordan, and Palestine, but working on that is in sight. I also have India backed halfway through antiquity. For another, I finally have what I call horticultural society tracked back to its beginning. This will let me do a little more with things like farming villages. Agrarian society, which permits significant cities, can already be followed forward. And, for each of my periods of early and middle prehistory, I have at least a sentence of story as well as a list of things that need work and research. That’s progress.

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