A few days ago, I realized that I had made two unfortunate decisions in planning my work on the Knowledge Base. One of them resulted in systematically neglecting the “lower” areas of the knowledge base, those dealing with culture, anthropology, personal studies, and science. These areas are not nearly as well developed as the higher ones of history, sociology, and institutions, so it is taking some extra time to develop these. The other is that I didn’t have a categorization for particular groups, This means that my treatment of them is lacking, which in turn blocks my access to other specific details. I finally came up with a way to treat these, and I am now pushing some of the connections into classical and medieval history.

Although I keep backtracking to the beginning, It is time to resume moving forward through history and picking up more narrative for the topics I have been developing and connecting. I have a rough outline of human origins as reconstructed through studies of paleontology, always keeping in mind that there are many regions of the world that are poorly explored from an archaeological viewpoint. There are many possible sites of human occupation that have either been buried or eroded away, and there remains that have gone unrecognized.

That being said, I have an outline of human evolution and geographic expansion. This starts in Pliocene prehistory with pithecanthropines in Eastern Africa. There is also evidence from Southern Africa; this is an area I am trying to connect with later periods. So far, this continues in Lower Pleistocene prehistory with early homo species such as homo habilis and homo erectus, still mostly in Africa but extending into parts of Asia.

For fictional purposes, I have been intending to use GURPS (4th edition) as an aid to creating my fictional characters, and specifically the “Boardroom and Curia” supplement as a guild to building organizations. I will have to see how this goes. I also have a project of learning and using fantasy mapping software to create maps of the regions where my fictional protagonist will be traveling. I had put this on hold because I wanted to integrate it with the knowledge base, but the need to have maps for cites and travel routes I am have been imagining is creating pressure to get human geography better integrated. Again, I will have to see how this goes.

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