I’m still working in Prehistory, but making progress toward my overall design. I now have Northern East Africa connected to centuries of history, and stone age developments back to the beginning. I have also been skipping over institutions, since they are comparatively overdeveloped, and concentrating on elements of culture and anthropology.

The study of Pliocene prehistory developed in the 20th century. At present this is overextended, and I want to get the late 20th century linked back to later periods. The division of the 21st century in general is still shiny and new. The early 21st century was better developed because I was treating it as part of the 20th century. The early mid 21st century includes more current events. Following these and dealing with earliest prehistory at the same time has been a consistent challenge, but I am making progress with it. Getting the early 2020s linked back through other periods of history is also in progress.

Although I have Northern East Africa connected back to its beginnings, It is probably more important to get Central East Africa. This is more or less suspended for now, because South Africa needs to be connected, and I am following this back through the 20th century. The connections to the British Empire are of some interest and starting to appear but are not immediately important. I am taking deeper development of social mechanics a bit more slowly. Institutions are being skipped over right now, since it is more important to get elements of culture and anthropology sufficiently linked.

One of the questions on my mind has been the development of African pagan (or traditional) religion. Although I have more or less subdivided Asian pagan and European pagan religion, I have not yet established a corresponding division of African traditions. Given the great variety of peoples, I am thinking of more or less duplicating the division of peoples, as I have with the others. Overlaps and comparison and contrast can be considered.

With religion in general, organization, practice, and belief have not been well examined. I will be exploring connections to culture, including such things as festivals and rituals, beliefs and stories, and sacred objects, to give more substance to my treatment of it.

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