Bump, bump

As I work through the 2nd millennium BC, I occasionally divert to the 21st century, which is resistant to being detailed. Well, as I followed the links through Western Civilization and Anglic peoples, no wonder. Some time back, when I was adding nations and hadn’t quite gathered them into groups, I had the United States connected to other peoples, but the more general category of Anglo-American peoples was not so well connected. So I’m starting to rectify that oversight.

More directly related to the current project of identifying the “things I need to work on” for the particular centuries, this is the period mostly covered by the Old Testament. I need a lot more tools to make progress with studies of this period, starting with finer analysis of Levantine peoples. I’m not going to make much progress on this pass, but it will be something to come back to. There is so much bad scholarship, poorly founded speculation, and misinformation that when I do come around to it again, the chronology is going to be a mess to figure out.

I’ve started plotting an itinerary for Simon Magister’s travels, although this is tentavive. Form one, with a century at a time to work with, he may have time for several variants. For another, I keep adding stops. At present, I have the New Kingdom of Egypt, the Hittite empire of Anatolia, Vedic peoples of India, the Shang dynasty of China, and Minonan peoples of Greece. There is still not enough detail, but as I work forward through history, that will start to appear.

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