I’m not dead

I took a week to go to Nebraska to recover the stuff I left in my brother’s garage…. about 17 years ago, now. Yes, it took that long for me to finish getting it to where I am living. This eliminates one mental barrier to a project of discarding and downsizing my excess of stuff.

On the way, I stopped to visit an old High School friend. It seems that he is a Senior Research Engineer at the EVR facility associated with the University of Utah, and is working on a project which involves embedding charging facilities for electric vehicles in the roadway. Although I haven’t been a great fan of electric vehicles, this has some possibilities to make transportation more efficient.

I’m still pursing the three-pronged approach to history, and have done reviews of the 5th decamillennium BP and the 2nd century BC. This notably included expansion of the Roman republic.

The examination of sociology recently prompted more investigation of the the various branches of Christianity. This will be useful, going forward.

I also did a review of history in general, and noted that it is about time to focus more heavily on education, particularly higher education, and on conceptual culture, in particular literature, in order to make progress. In order to get to these, I need to continue working in classical history.

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