Filling in

For history, before I go plunging into more biographies, I am working in the major subdivisions. More work on prehistory is on hold, while I work on government in antiquity and economics and education in classical and medieval times. Connecting modern history to more details of human geography is being held up while I work on cartography, except that the 21st century is being connected more specifically to government.

Peoples of the world are being connected to culture. This includes some areas that I have long been interested in, for instance the distribution of languages of the world. Cities are being connected to institutions, which will help detail them. Social mechanics is being connected specifically to religions of the world. Institutions are also being connected to culture. Religion in general is being connected to government and economics.

I’m making progress with my map of Africa; I’m mostly done with the topography, and have major lakes and rivers sketched in.

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