No time like the present

I am reluctantly giving up on my efforts to begin at the beginning in my study of history. It is proving far more productive to examine the present and work back. One of the obstacles I mentioned is down; I have managed to fully separate the 21st century from the 20th. I have also managed to advance the early mid 21st century past the early 21st century, as far as connections to the lower levels of anthropology, personal studies, and science. For higher level connections, it remains to be seen. The next obstacle is to more fully develop and connect the early 2020s. There is not a great deal of content in this yet, but it will make analysis of current events easier for the next four and a half years.

This doesn’t mean I am abandoning work on earlier periods entirely. Classical and medieval history is connecting to specific individuals, antiquity is connecting to regions of human geography, and prehistory in general, I am now connecting to specific areas of technology. Since the study of prehistory depends on archaeology anyway, and archaeology depends heavily on the study of excavated artifacts, a focus on material culture is even more appropriate than it is for later periods.

For history in general, It seems to be most useful to develop science, so I am starting to resume the examinations I have set aside. There is also a need to add more biographies in order to fill in the picture somewhat.

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