More history

The major divisions of history are just about fully developed. For the future, I am connecting to biographies. This is one of the difficult things about examining the future. It is next to impossible to predict the careers or influence of peoples not yet born. I don’t entirely agree with the “Great man” theory of history; that is, that the course of human events is determined by prominent figures. Nor do entirely agree with the “social forces” theory, that is, that the course of events is determined by large scale social movements. Rather, these are intertwined. Particular individual do sometimes have outsized influence on whole societies, but to some extent, this influence is a manifestation of greater social forces, and the individuals are to some extent riding a wave.

In either case, once I get this finished, the next target is the 21st century. I am still making connections to culture here,

Sociology and peoples of the world are developed pretty much as far as I can take them for now. Western civilization is being connected to culture. Communities are being connected to biographies, and social mechanics is about to start connections to human geography.

Institutions in general are developed about as far as I can take them. Religion is being connected to human geography, and government and economics to elements of culture.

I admit that all this still isn’t very interesting until I get to more detail of particular individuals.

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