Rough Edges and Loose Ends

In my last post a couple of days ago, I neglected to mention that I had added a few biographical figures: William T.G. Morton, who introduced anaesthesia into surgery; Guglielmo Marconi, who pioneered radio communication, and Adolf Hitler.

At various times I have attempted to get “caught up” with current events, then turned away to work on something else. There are still a bunch of hanging ends from these attempts, but I’m going for one more try. Today marks the beginning of a new quarter as well as a new month.

However, I am chiefly referring to those topics that present obstacles to the smooth and orderly development of the knowledge base, because I had set them aside as not urgent. American Indian peoples are now connected to science, which frees this for development of government. Asian cities need to be developed somewhat in advance of social types, and American Indian cities, at a rougher level, needed basic connections to the major sciences.

Economics needs to be connected to sciences, Education to personal studies, and now that family is better connected to the sciences, it needs to be connected to more details of culture.

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