Knowledge Base Progress #12

History in general is still being used mostly to push areas that need development in order to create a more balanced approach. There is still a need for various areas of sociology, institutions, and culture,  but there is also a need to push the development and interconnection of areas of anthropology.

Prehistory in general has been used to push the development of antiquity, classical and medieval history,  modern history, the 19th century, and 20th century at the most general levels, and peoples of the world and a few specific peoples at the most general levels. The review of how specific peoples are applied is still progressing.

Early prehistory is being connected to physical anthropology. Middle Prehistory is still being connected to demography and social foundations.

Antiquity has been used to push some development of history and a few more peoples of the world. It needs more solid connection to areas of government.  The early 3rd millennium BC is being connected to social foundations, the late 3rd millennium BC and early 2nd millennium BC are being connected to areas of personal studies, and the late 2nd millennium BC is being connected to science. The early 1st millennium BC is about to be connected to other areas of history.

Classical and medieval history is still being connected to areas of human geography.  Modern history has now connections to  areas of personal studies and science rewritten. Next is an other review of the historical background.

Sociology in general is not being pushed aggressively.  Peoples of the world are still being connected to elements of material culture and technology. Asiatic peoples in general are still going through a review of history. This review as I have it now is seriously deficient in some ways, and I want to take note of some of the deficiencies and improve them.  In order to bring better balance to Asiatic peoples, I have begun trying to push the development of Middle Eastern peoples, hold back a bit on South Asian and Oriental peoples, and push the development of Southeast Asian and Oceanic peoples. I have also been holding back on the development of Western Civilization in general while I pushed the development of Anglic peoples.  I have now finished connecting these to sciences and I am now ready to begin another cycle and review their history. This also allow me to start pushing the connections of Latin peoples. African peoples are being connected to areas of personal studies.  In doing the review of the connections of Western Civilization to American Indian peoples, I decided to reorder them based on the degree of evident influence, and the next published updated will reflect that order.  Communities and social mechanics are still being reviewed and connected to nations and peoples. Social change, social types, and social structure are being developed, but have not yet reached significant milestones.

Institutions are still being connected to elements of human geography and Culture to elements of education, but I have not pushed very much for specific details.


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