I adjusted my development procedure to put more emphasis on the top seven, which is letting me clear them faster.

For religion, I have finished connecting to the 40 or so biographical entries. I went back through and marked them as major and minor figures. I also finished connection of these biographies to social mechanics and to the 21st century. As I have noted before, I don’t have enough living people among the biographical figures to do much than consider evaluations of their historical legacy. Since an evaluation takes time and a certain amount of historical perspective, I’m not expecting a great deal from this at present.

I have connected government to geographic regions, and I am now connecting it to biographical figures. These were the rulers and conquerors, and again I am marking major and minor figures.

Western Civilization is being connected to geographic regions. The 20th century is being connected to elements of culture. Asiatic peoples are being connected to elements of culture, Western cities to institutions, and the early mid 21st century to institutions. These are the new top seven.

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