Modern history

I decided that current events need more background, so I went back to the 16th century to get more of it. I have sketchy outlines for Spanish, Portuguese, French, and Italian history from the early 16th century onward, although since Italian history is highly fragmented until the 19th century, I don’t have much detail there. I am also working, or pulling backward in Hispanic colonial regions. I have Britain and the United states back to earliest colonial times, and I am working on Canada. I also have a sketchy outline of the rulers of Austria and the Holy Roman Empire, Germany, and the Netherlands. I haven’t done much with Asian peoples except to pull back the history of Morocco. I am concentrating more on connecting Judaism and the category particular families back through modern times.

I am also trying to develop cities, with an emphasis on European cities for now, but I’ve also been connecting Arabian cities and Constantinople.

I am trying to narrow the scope somewhat for my historical fantasy. It’s just not possible, without teleportation, to cover all the nations and areas of interest. Without the benefit of hindsight, it’s also a challenge to identify the most important ones.

I haven’t done much cartography this month, but it’s on my mind. Constantinople is probably first on the list of places to map.

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