Development Plan

Since I began focusing on more recent history, I had been working on a development plan for my novel, which focused heavily in the 21st century, but for various reasons, was not satisfactory, because I was confusing it with other plans of personal interest. I had to keep going back to history in general, for one thing, and the lack of development of the larger cities of Asia was also troubling, and I wasn’t doing much with the history of some of the associaled areas. So, I decided to rework it and construct a development plan for the entire Knowledge Base.

So far, I’m pleased with the results. My list of nations has languished for some time because I did not have entries for the smallest nations; I am getting closer to including these. My list of communities was stuck, because cities such as Rome and Athens which were important anciently are not so important in modern lists. My list of biographies was also stuck, or at least progressing slowly. For some times, I have been wanting to compile a list of firms and corporations, starting with the Fortune Global 500. I had done this with earlier versions, but I just couldn’t quite get to it.

I have in mind starting links to some of my major reference sources., not because they are perfect, but because they are useful. I’ve found it useful to go through repeating, expanding cycles, and I expect to continue this, and I hope to do more frequent updates when I find something interesting.

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