After a week away from the Knowledge Base visiting family and friends in another state, I came back bursting with ideas. It always seems to happen that just when I’m about to catch up with current events, I go on a trip and fall behind. However, now I’ve got the plan for dealing with that.

There are several areas I had set aside, where I am making renewed progress. I am including more of the smaller nations. Many of these will be in the Caribbean and in Oceania, but they are scattered around in other peoples. This has already prompted a couple of realignments. Oriental peoples now have chief subdivisions of Chinese, Japanese, and Korean peoples. Chinese peoples include not only China, but Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Macau, which have a special status. Korean peoples include South and North Korea.

I am also rearranging my order of development and consideration of peoples to focus on modern peoples first, rather than try to consider them in historical order. The differing weight and importance of peoples in the past is left to the past.

I am also adding more cities. I had long since decided that it is largely the number and size of cities that determines the weight and importance of nations, both in the present and the past. Brazil and parts of China, are contenders for the next subdivision of nations.

In previous versions of the Knowledge base, I had begun consideration of firms, using the Fortune 500 global list. I’m picking that up again.

I am also keeping up with adding biographical entries. As I sort these into chronological categories, It appears that late medieval figures will need to be subdivided.

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