Knowledge Base Progress #13

After again going over a mental review of what is necessary for the development of history, I decided that I temporarily want to shift to the development of  anthropology. Particular groups are probably well enough developed for the current state. Human geography is connected well enough to sciences to start a new cycle with a rewrite and expansion of its history. Human ecology is being connected to the human body. This is significant because the physical requirements and demands of human life are basic elements of it.  Physical anthropology is being connected to elements of psychology and the human body. Such things as the mental and physical capabilities of the various races belong to this subject. I haven’t taken any particular political stand on the subject, nor have I gone into any detail. I am at present just making notes for future reference.  Demography is being connected to elements of social foundations; The social behavior that actually controls population and its change.

Last week I did a quick search on early prehistory to compare the development of the Knowledge Base with more conventional approaches. One of the earliest pages that came up was a survey of prehistoric art. I did find a summary of developments, but the chronology was rather confusing and overlapping, and the geographic distribution of finds was also rather confusing. It will probably take a while before I can work back into the divisions of early prehistory to organize the references better.


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