History review

I had requested that a friend drop by and leave a comment. Apparently it’s not so simple as following the “Leave a comment” link at the top of a post. I am using the AKISMET plugin to reduce the number of spam comments, which has dropped considerably, but that my have the effect of making it a more convoluted approach for ordinary users. Hmm.

After working with divisions of history, I have decided that there are hiccups. Some of the subdivisions of the late 20th century and 21st century need to be more advanced than they are. Some of these can be traced to indecision in the development of peoples. I have had trouble deciding on the order and priority of peoples, because this has shifted over the course of history, but the default order is based mostly on modern or current size. I haven’t fully caught up with this, but it is the next thing I will be working on.

There are actually two versions of the SKB I am working with. The public version, the one on this main web site, is inactive and has been for about four years, when it got so big that the HTML editor I was using choked on it. I started a private version using Scrivener which was not hyperlinked, but maintained the same reference and referece back structure I had used in the HTML version. In some respects this is more advanced than the HTML version, and in some less so, and I still use the HTML version for reference and copy information over to the Scrivener version.

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