Knowledge Base Progress #15

In today’s progress, Human ecology  is being connected to biology and earth science. Physical anthropology and demography are being connected to psychology and the human body. I have also resumed development of social foundations, which are being connected to higher-order areas of anthropology.  Although I am not doing much with personal studies at the general level, the areas of biography, psychology, and the human body are being advanced a little.

Most of my work in history has been centered around development of major peoples of the world. Three of the four main divisions, Western Civilization, Asiatic peoples, and American Indian peoples, have been connected to enough other areas to start new cycles with development of their history.

The fundamental problem in developing peoples of the world is that I have been adding and developing nations in mostly a fairly strict order of decreasing population. Because of cultural developments and changes in population distribution  over time, this is not a very good fit for the predominant nations or peoples in any historical period. Deciding which people to focus on when, involves a tricky act of balancing competing demands. At present, African peoples are fairly high priority: Following these are Latin peoples.

Prehistory has the complication that an orderly development of it ought to be preceded by development of antiquity and classical and medieval history.  However, the academic study of prehistory really only began in the 19th century, and I have not yet found a good timeline of important developments. I’m almost sure there is a better one buried in some anthropology textbook, and I’m even more sure that I don’t want to go looking for it just yet. I’m making do by using prehistory as a starting point for side trips into later periods of history.

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