Happy New Year!

I’ve been hacked. Someone got access to my bank account, and the bank has locked access to it. There is a team of bankers investigating the problem, but they are closed for the weekend, so I can’t do anything until Monday.

For the past month or so, I have been working on a new development scheme for the knowledge base, one that’s a bit more focused on the actual needs and current state of development.

For history in general, I am concentrating more on states of the United States. Most of this will be better investigated in modern history, and I would like to pick up with a few major cities. I am reviewing other nations to check which of them actually have links to history. I am also checking my links to religions and particular governments. I have rethought my organization of colonial empires, and I am catching up on the links to history, Prehistory, antiquity, and classical and medieval history are going through a similar review. For modern history, I am doing a similar view, with a focus on states and cities of the US. For the 21st century, I am also mostly reviewing nations. This new needs-based approach is giving me easier access to current events and the new year is getting its own section.

For sociology in general, the history is a bit thin, which is prompting investigation of peoples of the world. At this level, I need to review the connections to religion and government.

Institutions in general are also a bit thin on historical connections. I am working on reviewing the connections to peoples. Culture, anthropology, personal studies, and science are also being reviewed.

But the knowledge base isn’t the only thing progressing. In my cartography project, I have decided to work mostly on my map of North America. I now have the topography with the major mountain terrain filled in to match the contours of the topography. The next step is to add symbols for major mountain peaks. I have major lakes and rivers already, but I might want to add a few more. I also want to overlay some vegetation types with forests, plains, and deserts on top of the topography, I need to fill in some place names, national borders (lightly), roads, and cities, without making the map too cluttered. For the next section of world geography, I think I want South America.

Another major effort is going to be in family and personal history. I am coordinating this with a cleanup of my living space. I am working on a personal history using Personal Historian 3 from RootsMagic, and also on a life history of my father. I also want to do one for my mother.

In connection with my writing, I am thinking of starting a newsletter (planting apple trees, a long-term projects, as one writer put it, and I need to revise my main blog page.)

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