Not a good start

The year has not started well. On the 8th I went into the hospital with heart trouble, which was connected to kidney trouble, which was connected to bladder trouble, which was connected to prostate trouble. I came out on the 16th with a Foley catheter installed. In the meantime, my bank was “fixing” my accounts, which caused more problems than it solved. I got my car paid off, which is about the best I can report, but I’ve taken a big financial hit, with more expenses yet to come.

The new program on the KB seems to be working well. In the current pass, I am starting to get more content in the new version, and not just outline. Egypt during antiquity is showing progress, and I should be able to continue this. I haven’t done much with cartography lately, but I haven’t forgotten it entirely. The hospital stay interrupted my work on cleaning and filing, which most likely needs to precede resuming work on my personal and family history. I’m still progressing, but rather slowly.

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