Since the last great reset of the Knowledge Base, I haven’t kept up on the blog. The Arizona desert heat has been sapping my energy for everything…No A/C, the swamp cooler needs both motor and pump, and fans don’t quite do the job. Nevertheless, I persist. It is difficult to begin at the beginning, in early prehistory, because there is a tremendous overburden of connections to later periods that need to be made. Each pass through gets me a little closer to details that can be included in a narrative.

I didn’t do much celebrating of Independence Day. I am concerned that the foundations of American freedom are being stolen by officials who lie for political gain and power, who are imposing laws and regulations that limit economic activity and self-reliance, and who support causes and policies that I find foolish, destructive, and abhorrent. I’m more in the mood to prepare for a fight than I am to celebrate. I am not in despair, there is reason to hope for the long-term future of the country, but I anticipate rough times in the near future.

I was severely disappointed by a decision by Steve Jackson Games, which on July 8 announced, in reaction to the Dobbs decision returning the regulation of abortion to the states that it would be supporting the Lilith Fund for Reproductive Equity. I support the recent Official LDS statement on Abortion. Since I will not pay for abortions for personal or social convenience, however minimally or indirectly, I decided that I could not in good conscience continue to support this company with my dollars. I have a fairly extensive collection of GURPS material, sufficient for my fictional world-building needs which I can continue to use, so this is not all that great a sacrifice. But I won’t be adding to my collection.

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