Come on in, the water’s fine

WordPress reports that I have a couple of new subscribers this week (Hi!!) which is more than I have picked up in years, so maybe I’m doing something right. I’ve been busy commenting over at According to Hoyt: It’s a fairly congenial community of smart people and few trolls. As a moderately successful author, she has a big head start on me, although I would like to establish more of a presence in my own little corner of the Internet.

I haven’t given up on my historical studies or my ambition of writing historical fantasy, but I have slowed down a little bit. For the ancient period, I now have hooks into Egypt and Persian peoples for the 2nd millennium BC and the early 1st millennium BC, and to Abrahamic religion in the Old Testament period. Next up, in the classical and medieval period, is a shift to European civilization and culture, although Indian and Chinese peoples will also get more mention. It’s hard to do outlines for specific stories for anything broader than the century level, or even more specifically, for 20 year periods when I get to the modern era, but it is coming along.

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