Book Series Review — Honor and Duty

By Amanda S. Green writing as Sam Schall. This military science fiction series opens with Ashlyn Shaw, a Captain in the Marines of the planet Fuercon, who along with most of the fellows of her unit, is imprisoned in a hellish military penal colony as a result of a treacherous betrayal. When the injustice of her sentence is recognized and they are all released from prison, she is assigned to rebuild the unit and prepare to defend her planet against a ruthless foe. In the process of battling political and military corruption and foreign espionage, she must also battle her personal demons and learn to shoulder the increasing burdens and limitations of command as she rises in rank. Her growing network of supportive superiors and subordinates give her the ability to face an escalating and exhausting series of threats just in time as her planet’s government copes with an opportunistic and unreliable ally as well as the enemy’s development of a horrific biological weapon. While Military SF isn’t to everyone’s taste, this series is well named and is among the best the genre has to offer.

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