Mostly fictional stuff

It rains just as hard in Phoenix as it does anywhere else, just not as often, and I was in the right place and right time to get drenched. This has been one of the wettest monsoon seasons on record, quite the contrast from last year’s nonsoon, which in my neighborhood had not one single rainstorm all summer long. No, I don’t think it had anything to do with anthropogenic climate change: That’s how weather has always behaved.

Extraordinary Attorney Woo had a season wrap-up. I thought it did a decent job of portraying some of the difficulties an autistic person has in dealing with a “normal” world. Even if it wasn’t perfect (what is?) I thought it was well done and I wouldn’t mind seeing a season 2.

I have a certain fondness for detective stories set around acting and Hollywood. Fortunately, the vicarious experience is plenty sufficient. The “Lexi Carmichael” series by Julie Moffett, featuring Lexi, Geek Extraordinaire series had a good one. “The Worst Detective Ever” series, by Christy Barritt” features Joey Darling, who isn’t a detective but plays one on TV, and nevertheless gets herself involved in real mysteries and bumbles and fumbles her way through them. “Mean Mary” James is better known for her music, especially her fast banjo, but she also collaborates with her mother Jean James on the occasional detective story. Her extensive repertoire also has a song for each one of them.”Hell is Naked” is a good one. I had begun “Rita Farmer” mysteries by Elizabeth Sims and had the odd sensation of reading a book for the first time all over again. Yes, I read fast. Sometimes, I even skim. OK?

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